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Going forward…

Yesterday’s meeting brought many people together. It was good to see so many folk care about the future of Chadkirk and, in particular, Chadkirk Chapel.

After the meeting it was only possible to talk briefly with some of the many and yet it was encouraging to connect with people who would like to do step up and get involved. It is clear that many of you have expertise that would extend the range of what our little Friends group have been able to do so far.

We meet as a Friends group in different guises for different activities. Sometimes that’s for events, sometimes for gardening, sometimes just for social activities. This week, on Thursday 14th November happens to be the third Thursday of the month, so we will be meeting in Chadkirk Chapel at 1pm. Obviously the future of Chadkirk Chapel will be on the agenda. And there’ll be an opportunity to develop and explore some of the idea that came out of the meeting.

Members new and old, ancient and modern are all invited.
You would be very welcome to join us there.

1pm Chadkirk Chapel
Thursday 14th November
Friends of Chadkirk Meeting

I’ve been ‘doing the blog’ since 2012. I set up a ‘free’ site. At the start there were no adverts. Now there are. So I believe it would be better to change what we do. Maybe stay with wordpress but pay their annual fee for a domain name, so the site is unsullied by ads.

Following on from the great ideas expressed and the enthusiasm shown, new members will be able to offer something that can mean that our future communications and social media connections change for the better.
Let’s find a way to get together.

Perhaps that’s another idea for Thursday’s meeting. Get the ball rolling?

A few questions to answer…

Questions raised include:

1. Do councillors agree that a proper consultation process has been followed by SMBC staff?
2. Does the General Election “purdah” impact on the consultation?
3. Who within SMBC will act as FoC’s contact, and who within the council will have “ownership” of the chapel if museums disengage?
4. Will SMBC continue to meet all operating costs of the building, and continue to allow its use by FoC for community events without charge?
5. Will SMBC support some other form of regular public opening of the chapel if it is no longer staffed as a museum?
6. How will SMBC advertise and publicise Chadkirk on it’s website if it is no longer seen as a museum? How will the public find out about the site and what’s on?
7. Why is past maintenance work incomplete, and what plans exist for future spending on Chadkirk buildings?
8. Please confirm the anticipated closure date, and council willingness to extend any implementation until the many issues regarding future use have been properly resolved and publically confirmed.
9. Agreement to enter in to “Memorandum of Understanding” which defines future roles and responsibilities between different council departments and FoC.

Today’s public meeting…and what to do now

Thank you to everyone who came along to Chadkirk Chapel today and made their voice heard.
Thank you to all those who signed the petition.
Thank you to those who stood up for the future of Chadkirk Chapel. Some folk literally, stood up – there was standing room only as today’s meeting got underway. More than 145 within the building, others at the doorway, listening.

The Chair of the Friends of Chadkirk welcomed everyone and started the meeting by providing an update. He had written to decision makers and raised questions about the future of Chadkirk Chapel. Given the proposals, what information could they provide about the future plans and possibilities? To kick off he went through the questions with any answers he’d been given, as well as outlining the questions where answers and clarifications are still pending. We await with interest the answers to these questions*…

Much seems uncertain.

And while much seems uncertain, what we can be sure of is that Chadkirk Chapel has a special place in the hearts of people far and wide. Many individuals talked of what it meant to them. People described the value of all the amenities and opportunities. Observing the real transformation that has taken place over the years from 1995, when renovation and other projects were initiated, has been a source of immense pleasure and satisfaction. The restoration of the Chapel, the Walled Garden, the programme of steady improvements in the range of Chapel’s art and craft work, investment by the Friends of Chadkirk, including in the sound system and facilities for presentations. There is much here to celebrate.

Nevertheless, we have also seen the way that austerity measures introduced since 2008 mean that there are funding issues. In that context, the consultation includes a statement that the Museums Service seeks to save
£40 000 each year (starting in 2020) by no longer including Chadkirk Chapel in their budget or their responsibilities. Who then has the resources to plug the gap? Or to do a better job with different resources?

It is clear that people want to see Chadkirk and it’s unique Chapel play a greater (and not a lesser) part in the lives of the community. It’s listed status alone almost demands that enough resources are found.**

There are ways to influence decision makers. Here’s a few :

There is the on-line consultation currently underway. (paper copies of the document are available at Chadkirk Chapel) You can make a submission either on-line or in writing. You have until 18th November to make your submission.

There is a petition in Chadkirk Chapel. You can sign this petition. Over 300 people have already signed. In addition there’s an on-line petition.

Raise the issue with local councillors and request consideration at meeting of Werneth Area Committee.

Contact decision makers via

Funding the future

One participant spoke of her disappointment when she learned that her daughter’s wedding had been held in Chadkirk Chapel, and yet not a penny of fee paid had come to the Friends of Chadkirk or to Chadkirk directly. How much pleasure would it have given to know that the wedding was taking place at Chadkirk and that they were contributing to the support of a treasured part of the local landscape and community and the continued nurturing of this historic site. It seems like an opportunity missed.

So here’s a thought:
What if a % of the wedding fees paid were in future dedicated to go directly and explicitly to the Friends of Chadkirk/Chadkirk Chapel. After all, without the work they do, the money they raise, the garden they maintain, the beautiful west window they commissioned , would people chose to have a wedding at Chadkirk?

Maybe with 1% of the fees they would be able to set up the service, so that the kiosk continues to open at weekends? Perhaps this money could help fund our on-going programme of improvements?
Just a thought…

There’ll be better ideas, other thoughts and possibilities, alternatives that enable thriving rather than shrinkage. What are yours?

There were many people with many ideas about ways forward. Thank you for your ideas. Now let’s take what steps we can to make sure that our voice is heard. Through the democratic process and the engagement of the community there are ways that we can achieve a better outcome. Stronger Together.

** Cambridge Museum Service – person at the meeting who stepped forward and offered support. Please get in touch.

You are all invited…

to Chadkirk Chapel
at 2pm
on Saturday 9th November

There are changes planned.
How will these changes affect you?

The pleasure of a visit to Chadkirk Chapel when enjoying a wander around the gardens and the woods adds an extra delight to any visit to Chadkirk Country Park. Not to mention the comfort of a break inside and a cuppa, sheltered from the weather. The history and art works within add a special dimension which is unique.

Now we know that this benefit may fall away as a result of plans currently being considered. As a result of the changes, Chadkirk Chapel may not be open to visitors as weekends. Private events and events organised by friends will be the only occasions when the public will be likely to have access in 2020.

Our community has played a vital part in the renovation of Chadkirk Walled Garden and Chadkirk Chapel. Hours of TLC and fund raising have maintained the special qualities of this place as a resource for our community.

What now?
There’s some uncertainty.
What is certain: the plans will mean an end to weekend openings of Chadkirk Chapel. Unless the plans are modified. Unless people speak up. Unless people show they value access to Chadkirk Chapel for the general public.

How can you express your viewpoint? Have some influence? See a future with this amenity and this extraordinary historical site accessible to the general public at weekends?

Join us. Come along to the public meeting. Hear a little more about the plans. Sign a petition. Spread the word. A community resource for our community. An historic and artistic place. A community amenity.How can we develop a plan? A plan which enables use and sharing of the resources we already have, rather than a reduction in access?

We look forward to seeing you.

Chadkirk Chapel
at 2pm
on Saturday 9th November

You are all invited…

to Chadkirk Chapel
at 2pm
on Saturday 9th November

16th October Friends of Chadkirk Meeting at 1-30 pm in Chadkirk Chapel

The future of Chadkirk is being considered in the current round of budget planning and cost savings. 

As a means of making budget savings,  proposals being considering include:

  • (b)  Offer local organisations the opportunity to run the visitor and refreshment facility at Chadkirk Chapel and for the Council to cease operating the museum offer at the site.

Removing the chapel from the list of museum sites has many potential implications. 

How then will the fabric of the building be maintained to ensure the chapel’s future use by our community? How will that be taken care of? Funded? Which part of the Council will be responsible for the Chapel?

Will this change of status affect it’s continued use by our community?

Without adequate maintenance will it be available to the community as a safe, beautiful place to meet and celebrate the passing of the seasons? What will happen to it’s key role as a focal point for community use of Chadkirk and Chadkirk Chapel? What of the future of events such as Weekly Tai Chi, annual festivals such as Harvest Supper, Easter and Christmas celebrations? Well Dressing ? Well Dressing Blessing Day? Bat box making?

A consultation process is under way. Now is the time to make your views known about the future of Chadkirk.

The public consultation on the proposals runs until 15 th November.