Gardening at Chadkirk

The first Saturday of the month is gardening time at Chadkirk.

May is a month of rapid growth, so there’s plenty to do. In the walled garden, it’s time to give attention to the herb beds. One volunteer digs up Jerusalem Artichoke tubers to make way for other plants to grow as the season progresses, another is planting salsify seeds. Some plants need staking, others are moved or thinned. Maybe there’s a little weeding before it’s time for a cuppa. Gardening here is a very sociable activity.

The herb beds are laid out to follow the pattern of monastic herb gardens. Plants are grouped together according to function: culinary, household, medicinal, dyes. Some of the plants growing in this area are well known and easy to recognise. There’s lavender and sage. But visitors are keen to ask the gardeners about plants that they are less familiar with. Those tall spires with yellow flowers in the bed of herbs for making dyes? Another visitor is curious to know the name of the bright yellow flowers in the far border. Is that Leopard’s Bane under the north facing wall?

Leopard’s Bane or Doronicum is an easy going plant and adds a bright sunny quality to borders even on the dullest of days. Tempted to grow it at home?
This link is a good starting point:

Outside the walled garden a small team tidy up the long border by the west wall. There’s weeding to be done. A project started in the winter is nearing completion, as a few more stones are used to edge the lawn and tamped into place.

The team get together again on Thursday 17th May and at the start of June.
Why not join them?

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  1. Hi, Liked the photos. Val

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