Scarecrows visit Chadkirk

Calling all scarecrows…. Sunday 20th May 2012
It’s Open Day for Scarecrows at Chadkirk.

Young or old, male or female, old timers or new comers, dressed for work or play, sun or shine….all are welcome at the Chapel, Chadkirk.

Entry for Scarecrows is £2. They may be accompanied by upto 4 people.

Judging of the scarecrows will take place at 14.30 hours…..2.30pm.
A small prize will be awarded for the scarecrow that the judges like best.

Two types of scarecrow will be able to enter the competition.
A : scarecrows that are made at home and arrive at the Chapel, Chadkirk fully formed and dressed for competition.
B: scarecrows that are created at the Chapel between 11.00 hrs and 13.00 hours (1pm).

There will be some materials at the Chapel to help people wanting to make their scarecrows between 11am and 1pm. Bringing your own materials might allow you to be more creative and help you design the scarecrow of your dreams (or nightmares or something anywhere in between).

Scarecrows who visited Chadkirk in 2011 may be appearing here shortly. In the meantime, if you can’t wait, there are photos by Steph on Walney at

Good news: here’s one of the scarecrows from last year. A lady, or maybe a princess, dancing in the breeze. I wonder if you saw her at Chadkirk. If so, why not send in her story for followers to read ?


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