Corvids keep clear of Chadkirk

Sunday 20th May
Looking over the garden wall reveals a hive of activity.
Families and Friends of Chadkirk experiment with old clothing and handfuls of straw as they conjure up a flock of scarecrows. Inspiration came from the Jubilee celebrations and the Olympic Games. All participants received a small treat as a reward. The judges gave special commendation to Sammy Scarecrow (taking time off from Olympic training), Mr Chad’s cheerful smile and The Gardener.
Fine weather is forecast for the next few days and visitors to Chadkirk will be able to sit on the benches in the walled garden with no worries about any unwanted birdlife.

Worzel Gummidge?

The Head Gardener was particularly appreciated by the judges as they regularly weed and hoe the herb beds that he took care of for the day.

A royal visitor enjoys the garden.

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