Sunday morning sunshine

Today temperatures are forecast to rise to 26 C. Blue skies and bright light.
A stroll through the woods to the Chapel. An opportunity to visit Chadkirk before the heat burns and wilts; when, perhaps, there’s a chance to enjoy the garden in solitude. As I open the gate and enter the garden, all those slumped forms… for a moment, it seems as if the garden is already busy with visitors who had the same idea. In the space of a breath, a second take.The scarecrows are smiling in the sunshine. In that moment, laughter. Try it for yourself and see…

The impact seems to be the same approaching the garden from the woods. Peer over the wall. A busy scene? No: just the scarecrows hanging out and smiling. I wonder if the families and friends who made the scarecrows know how much pleasure they have given?

Since the scarecrow competition there have been seven days of sunshine and warmth, seven days of rapid growth. Some of the herbs have added so much foliage and flowers, the beds are transformed. Only three weeks ago, on the May gardening Saturday at the start of the month, there were areas of bare earth in this herb bed. Now the sweet cicely fills the space.

When the team of volunteers return to garden on Saturday 2nd June they will be able to enjoy the welcome sights and scents of the garden….before getting out the tools to prune and hoe, weed and water. While there’s work to be done, there’s also the joy of gardening and the pleasure of good company.


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