On the agenda…

It was an inauspicious beginning.
I was running late. By the time I’d parked up and walked down the lane to the chapel, the meeting had started. Lifting the latch, the chapel door swung open and I peered inside. Empty chairs clustered round tables at one end of the chapel. At the other end, around the altar, a chatter of folk.

With shards of glass propped against a window, the group discuss the quality of the glass, the colours and texture. A local craftsman shows something of what is possible and the group begins to explore how his skills might contribute to the completion of a project.

This exchange of views gives a clue to the ambition of the Friends of Chadkirk. The project under discussion: the replacement of the east window. Is the present window anachronistic and inappropriate? Many visitors might say so. With this in mind, the plan is to replace it with a stained glass window which will enhance the chapel.

The project is in the early stages. Discussions of design and funding to be considered in future meetings.

When the chat by the alter ended, the group moved to consider the other items on the agenda. Somehow the group rattled through a range of issues. Somehow the meeting combined a relaxed style while covering the agenda with admirable efficiency. Somehow I found myself walking back to the car smiling in the moonlight, inhaling the damp spring air. If only all meetings could be like this!


One response to “On the agenda…

  1. Hi Bev. Re what I said about there being some trouble about wordpress. If you google wordpress then go to page 2 BBC News it says something there. If you look up ‘yours’ possessive pronoun, there is no apostrophe
    Barbara ( Dont have your personal e-mail address)

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