Chadkirk Plant Sale

Saturday 16th June is the day of the Chadkirk Plant Sale.

On the lawn outside the walled garden there will be two stalls and a group of friends.You are very welcome to join them.

The Friends of Chadkirk stall will be selling herbaceous perennials:cuttings propagated from their own gardens and seedlings grown from the RHS seedbank. Though some of these plants can be easy to find, amongst them will be some unusual varieties that are not so common. The sale of these plants will raise money to maintain and enhance the gardens.

The second stall will be a local grower.
A quick visit to the website suggests there will be an interesting range of plants to suit all types of garden.

Kim's Cottage Garden Plants.

A percentage of the take from these plants is donated to the Friends of Chadkirk.

That’s the good news.
The not so good news is that the forecast suggests that the volunteers and visitors will be braving the elements. Waterproofs the uniform of the day. Smiling through the rain. If those ladies on the barge can do it…..

For visitors to the Plant Sale, a short dash away, the Chapel will be open. Hot drinks will be on sale. Dry off, warm your hands on a hot mug and enjoy!

The plant sale starts at 2.30pm.
Buy plants or chat about Chadkirk.
Or do both.

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