Chadkirk Bridge

The project manager must have been watching the weather forecast with interest. Strong winds and the bridge lift would be uncontrollable. Heavy rain and the causeway might be washed away. Again.

At 11.30 am the weather is fine and dry. The causeway that had been re-built 3 times already, had been re-constructed since the weekend. The photograph in the previous post shows what it looked like then: white water, a few stepping stones. However this causeway is vital for the work, as a routeway for workers and equipment moving between the two shores.

The 36m long bridge had been transported in two pieces from it’s place of manufacture in Huddersfield and then welded together on site. As it was hoisted off the ground, a little bit of last minute painting…

An hour later and the bridge is hoisted up and over the river and then suspended just above its final resting place.

Time for a bit of shimming! That’s engineering speak. It looked for all the world as if the two ends were resting on a pile of bricks while they made sure both sides were level. I was assured that it was a bit more technical than that. Once shimming is complete, the bridge will be brought to rest and the crane’s grasp released.

During the next few weeks the flooring of the bridge must be laid. It will be another month or so before the bridge is open for traffic. Ready for the official opening at the Chadkirk Festival? The team will be working to make that happen. Weather permitting.

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