2012 Chadkirk Olympic Baton Pass

Missed out on the torch relay passing through Stockport?
No tickets for Olympic events?
Want to feel part of what’s going on?

Why not join in the baton pass?
Something for everyone.
A bit of fun.
Anyone with a half hour to spare can take part.
No expensive tickets. No years of arduous training.
No worries about winning or losing.
Just be there. Just join in. Just enjoy.
Carry a small memory of 2012 with you.
2012 Chadkirk Olypmic Baton Pass.

To take part, stroll along to Chadkirk and join in.
Be at the Farmhouse at 1.15 pm.
Saturday 7th July

There will be a rolling line of local folk as the baton moves from the farm house down the lane, through the garden, to the woodland. Once through the woodland, the baton will be passed on to a group of equestrians at the (old) footbridge over the Goyt, down Mill Lane.

The line up will be led by the members of the Chadkirk T’ai Chi group. Balancing their Yin-yang and allowing their Chi to flow. Passing the baton. And laughing. (That’s just a guess..but I’ve seen the T’ai Chi group; they laugh a lot)

Friends of Stockport Green Space Forum are linking up all parts of Stockport on Saturday 7 July.

Stockport Greenspace Forum – Stockports Parks and Green Spaces.

Due to the baton passing, the gardening team will not be in the walled garden on Saturday 7th. However they will meet as usual on Thursday 19th between 10 pm and midday.


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