Bombus who?

Curious to learn more about the bumble bees sighted in the walled garden,
I emailed Dawn Ewing at the BBCT. I wanted an expert opinion about the identity of the bees in the photos. And to see if I could join volunteers to learn more about Bumble Bees on a one day workshop. Below the photo is her reply (included here with her permission).

Thank you for your email and for posting about bumblebees on your blog. I would agree with Barbara that it was most likely the Red-tailed bumblebee that you spotted. If you want to check any future images then please try uploading your bumblebee photos to our BeeWatch survey –

Your community sounds like it is doing some great things for wildlife and I hope that we can furnish you with the skills and enthusiasm to further promote the humble bumblebee at our training day in Liverpool.

I look forward to meeting you then.

The Bumble Bee Conservation Trust is holding a series of day events.
I’ve already booked my place but there are places left.
It isn’t too late to apply.

Training dates and locations:

21 July RSPB Headquarters, Sandy, Befordshire
22 July RSPB Newport Wetlands reserve, Newport
28 July National Wildflower Centre, Liverpool
29 July Wolseley Centre, Stafford
5 August University of Stirling, Stirling
11 August WWT Washington, Newcastle upon Tyne

If you would like to join us at one of the workshops, please email and include the date and location of your preferred event in the subject line of the email,
e.g. “Training day registration – Newport – 22 July”.


If you are unable to join in an event there, then it’s worth a look at their website.
The photos of the bees are stunning.

Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

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