Let’s celebrate the small stuff

On Monday the fair weather meant that work on the bridge was able to proceed on plan. This means that the waterproof membrane could be laid and then the non-slip coating applied. Some of the site cabins have been moved; during the rest of the week the site will be cleared up ready for the opening on Sunday 29th July at the Chadkirk Festival.

Additional parking for the Chadkirk Festival is usually in the Ford Field. This is where the contractors have been based during bridge construction. Frequent deluges in recent months meant that the field was, well, a bit of a quagmire. On Friday, I think most people would have been pessimistic. How many days of dry weather would be needed for it to dry out? What were the chances that would happen in time for the festival? The answers are: fewer days than you might think and better than most would have guessed. Remarkably, after a dry and warm weekend the Estate Manager has been able to cut the meadow, the ground is dry enough for parking and another of piece of the jigsaw falls into place.

Although the Bridge opening is a few days away, visitors to Chadkirk are already benefiting from some of the work that has been carried out this summer.

This new footpath is open which means that pedestrians now have a hedge between them and passing cars. It’s safer and there’s a better view of the meadow and grazing livestock.

So a little bit of good news. In fact, three bits of good news. Yeh!
Oh and there’s also some beautiful flowers in the Walled Garden looking good despite the worst summer in 100 years.

One response to “Let’s celebrate the small stuff

  1. Dr Ralph Atherton

    Can you confirm time of the bridge-opening ceremony please? I have heard both 1130 and 1400 mentioned. Thanks

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