Friends of Chadkirk February meeting

February. Days are lengthening a little. Yet spring seems a way off.
Looking for a date in February, something to celebrate, a chance to get together and eat a little something, maybe laugh a little. Howard suggested Accession Day: February 6th 1952. The coronation of Elizabeth II was later in 1953. Ok it’s a bit of stretch but…the social planned is a 1953 themed evening. There’ll be a DVD of the coronation, music of the period and nibbles, Coronation Chicken and Battenberg cake.

Each member of the group is contributing, all co-ordinated by Pat.
If you are a member already, Pat will let you know how you can contribute.
For those who are not yet members, it costs £5 to join The Friends of Chadkirk.
Then you can come to the Chapel, bring and share, and celebrate 1953.
By joining now you will be able to take part in this members only event as well as all the other activities planned for the year.

7-9pm Thursday 14 February 2013 in Chadkirk Chapel

The lamps in the garden have been repaired. Approaching the Chapel on a dark evening is no longer spooky – instead it is quite romantic. Befitting for a social gathering on Valentine’s Day.

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