Looking forward

At the end of March the post of Senior Ranger disappears. This week the interviews take place for two new posts. The two Senior Rangers at Etherow and the resident Senior Ranger at Chadkirk will be interviewed. By the end of the week we will know a little more about how the future might unfold at Chadkirk.

If the current Resident Senior Ranger is appointed to one of the posts then he will be able to continue to live in his current home. In that circumstance, under the current proposals he would have some responsibility for managing Chadkirk in one of those posts and not in the other. I’ll post an update as soon as I receive information about the appointment process.

2012 saw some uncertainty about the future of the Chadkirk Festival. The Friends of Chadkirk waited until May for confirmation that it would go ahead, albeit in a reduced form. There was uncertainty too about how much the reduction from a full weekend to a one day event might affect visitor attractions. And yet…in the event it was a grand day out.

Now we are looking forward to a similar success this summer. Pat has received confirmation that Chadkirk Festival 2013 had been given the green light. It will take place on the last Sunday of July.

For those who don’t want to wait for 5 months, there’s the chance to take part in the celebrations of St. Chad’s Day on Sunday 3rd March in Chadkirk Chapel. At 2pm there’ll be an audio-visual presentation – a dramatic re-enactment of key parts of his life. For those who prefer more worldly pleasures, there’ll be jam and cream scones. The presentation is free, the jam and cream scones are £1. Plus there’ll be the usual offer of tea and coffee at the kiosk in Chadkirk Chapel.

Whatever the weather, there are treats to be enjoyed.

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