Countryside Officer in residence …from April 2013

Following the recent interviews, John Rowlands has been offered and accepted the post of Countryside Officer. The 7 days required for appeals has passed so I understand that this information can now be made public. His new role will begin in April. Next time I bump into him down at Chadkirk, I hope to learn more about that role.

However, in the meantime, there’s a sigh of relief crossed with a whoop of celebration. It’s excellent news for Chadkirk, as this means that he will continue to live on site. It’s excellent news for Stockport as the people and green spaces will continue to benefit from his skills, expertise and cheerful good humour. And,last but not least, it’s quite good news for John and his family: he will continue to be able to do the work he loves and he keeps his home at Chadkirk.

There may be a chance to congratulate him personally on Thursday evening when the Friends of Chadkirk meet for their AGM.

2 responses to “Countryside Officer in residence …from April 2013

  1. Brilliant news!

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