At the March meeting of the Friends of Chadkirk, there was a distinct air of optimism.

Spring was in the air. On Tuesday the temperature had reached 13 C. Visitors to Chadkirk were able to sit in the Walled Garden and enjoy the sunshine. Somehow that warmth and relaxation seemed to affect the mood of the meeting. Or maybe it was some measure of how pleased we all felt with the news of the recent appointment. As is the way at this time of year, change was underway and the possibility of growth is heartening as winter loosens it’s grip.

Recent changes and the prospects of growth featured in many of the items on the agenda of the AGM. There was news of a hedge that was being planted, the installation of the Portrait Bench and woodland management work underway. On the first Saturday of the month, some of the Friends had worked with the Senior Ranger planting a new hedge alongside a wire fence on the Marple side of the river. Gelder Rose, Hawthorn, Dog Rose and Hazel have been planted and John plans to return and do the last 30 metres as soon as he is able. Although the ‘whips’ that went in look more like sticks than a hedge, they will quickly become established and as they grow they will offer a valuable habitat for wildlife.  

Can you tell who it is yet?

Can you tell who it is yet?

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