Spring is sprung…

By now you might be tired of jokes about Spring.
Officially, the Met Office has Spring starting on 1st March.
There are those who say it starts at the vernal equinox…and that was last week.
Or you might think that Spring begins when we move from GMT to British Summer Time.

All of these ideas might be challenged by recent experience of our weather.
After the odd warm day earlier in the month, the Siberian winds and prolonged spell of cold weather mean it feels more like winter. Nevertheless the clocks spring forward on Saturday night/Sunday morning – the last Saturday in March. This is also the Easter weekend.

For those looking to get out and about, things will be happening at Chadkirk over the weekend. Wrap up warm and join in the service in Chadkirk Chapel on Easter Sunday at 3pm.The service will be led by Bernard Sword. The collection at the service will be donated to the chosen charity. This year it was decided to donate to Christie’s via BBC Radio Manchester appeal to raise money for a mobile screening unit.


Over the weekend there will be an Easter Egg Hunt. The kiosk in the chapel will be open. Mary and Pat will be selling chickens and teddy bears. (Knitted toys only)

On Thursday April 4th there will be a meeting to discuss the constitution of the Friends of Chadkirk. This will start at 7pm in Chadkirk Chapel.

On Saturday 6th April volunteers gather to garden 2-4pm.

Meanwhile the consultation process about the way Stockport’s Green Spaces will be managed continues. You have until May 31st to make your views known. http://www.stockportgreenspace.org.uk/

* * * * *

BBC Radio Manchester
The Christie charity is delighted to have been selected as the first ever charity of the year partner for BBC Radio Manchester.

With your help the partnership aims to raise One Million Pounds to benefit cancer patients in Greater Manchester through a new mobile chemotherapy unit that will take Christie care closer to patients’ homes.

We will also be following the stories of Christie patients, staff and volunteers throughout 2013 and there will be a host of fundraising events and activities for you to demonstrate your support.

Stay tuned to 95.1fm to hear how the presenter and listeners of Radio Manchester are taking part and how your support will make a vital difference to the lives of cancer patients and their families throughout Greater Manchester.

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