New window on the world

Each year has it’s own rhythm, unfolding with the seasons, something of the expected, some times new or different. 2013 had the seasons alright, though as Eric might say… not necessarily in the right order. Snow and sharp frosts in April. Wild garlic carpeted the woods in June. Leaves on the trees in November. Amongst the variety of our British weather and climate, most of us will remember 2013 as the year we had a summer. The best since 2006.

Marigolds in summer sun. Photo: Artemisia

Marigolds in summer sun.
Photo: Artemisia

Photo: Artemisia

Photo: Artemisia

August in The Walled Garden. Photo:Artemisia

August in The Walled Garden.

At Chadkirk this meant that the Walled Garden was lush with blooms and the new window was installed in days of glorious sunshine, ready for it’s timely unveiling at Chadkirk Festival 2013. True it rained on the big day. For some of the time. And while this meant that there were fewer visitors overall than for last year’s festival, many danced their way through the sunshine and shower mix.

For those who managed to squeeze into the Chapel for the unveiling, a special moment was shared. Mary unveiled the window with her great grand-daughter. After spending her early years living at Chadkirk in the farm house next to Chadkirk Chapel, Mary has been one of the most active of Friends, giving time and energy with enthusiasm and generosity. To see a family spanning four generations, linking from the first decades of the twentieth century to the second decade of the twenty-first century, heart-warming and encouraging. In caring for Chadkirk and it’s Chapel, a unique and extraordinary place is here for us all to share and enjoy.

Although I arrived at the event after the official ceremony, I was able to catch Mary afterwards.Here she is (with civic dignitary).

Mary (after unveiling)

The new East Window was celebrated in the 2013 well dressing design.

Chadkirk Well Dressing 2013

Well dressed window

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