What’s new at Chadkirk ….

July 2012 – New bridge across the river
July 2013 – New East Window in the Chapel
July 2014…what’s new at Chadkirk?

Observant walkers and strollers will have spotted them. Wooden hares. Or rabbits? 12 of them. Markers. Low down near ground level. Jumping rabbits? Or running hares? There to spark the interest of curious youngsters as they move around the new Chadkirk Trail. And from Friday, any one a bit taller who can read will be able to learn a little bit more about Chadkirk at each Hare point or Rabbit stop.

The old signs on the Chadkirk Trail have become so weathered that they are virtually opaque. On 11th July 2014 new information boards will be set up around the Chadkirk Country Park. There will be 11 on the Chadkirk Trail and a 12th down by the ‘new’ bridge. Each of them providing some information that will , for many visitors, add to their enjoyment of the unique landscape of Chadkirk.

Regular visitors will have chance to see the new boards from Friday onwards. If you are one of the many people who visit Chadkirk for Chadkirk Festival at the end of July, look out for the hares!

One response to “What’s new at Chadkirk ….

  1. Rabbits? Hares? Harebits??

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