Paths, priorities…and people power.

Paths and priorities…

Footpath due to close?

Footpath due to close?

We have a well used path.
Requiring modest maintenance.

We have (apparently/allegedly) a sum of £20,000.
This has been allocated for the proposed New Bridleway.

Plan A: Close well used current path.
Spend £20 000 on new path for which there is unproven demand.

Plan B: Use resources to maintain the current path.
Prioritise this.
Ditch the plans for the expensive bridleway.

Which makes sense? Plan A or Plan B?

There is time to influence events.
Tell your elected representatives.
And maybe your would-be elected representatives too.
Make them aware of your priorities and preferences.
After all, this is your Country Park and your Council Tax money.

Write or phone or email about these paths and a sense of priorities.

4 responses to “Paths, priorities…and people power.

  1. We were reliably informed at the meeting last night that council cutbacks have reduced the maintenance budget for ALL rights of way in the borough to just £30,000 per annum, not nearly enough to do the job. A new bridleway would only add to the maintenance burden

    • Thanks for your comment, Angela. This is information is part of the debate about priorities.
      I wonder if the elected representatives were aware of this when they voted for the proposed new bridleway?

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