Posts about the path

Footpath due to close?

Footpath due to close?

Changes planned at Chadkirk: your chance to have your say

Information about the proposed changes to the footpath by the stream has been posted over recent months. To read more, here are some of the key posts on the way:

Update: 4 October

Paths and priorities

The plans: What the Rights of Way Officer had to say

Footpath by stream or new bridleway

A few new snippets of information have emerged:

* The new bridleway was planned in 2006-7

* It was part of the Rights of Way Improvement Plan

* It was publicised and consultation happened at that time.
Any recollection of that? I haven’t met anyone who has.

* Funding is from an as yet unidentified pot of money.
Perhaps from a central government/nationwide initiative ?
Who knows?

Keeping you up to date with latest news about the path:

A pause in the implementation – Latest news 12 November 2014

5 responses to “Posts about the path

  1. Pamela Wakefield

    I would just like to add to my previous comment.
    SMBC don’t appear to be able to maintain the place with the funding they have now, without contemplating making an extra bridle way. They don’t keep the one across the river litter free. It’s disgusting! They didn’t replace the trees they planted which died and they haven’t controlled the Japenese knotweed next to Marple Hall School.

    • Thanks for your comments Pamela.
      I understand that local councillors approved the bridleway plan.
      Letting them know your views may be a way to influence the plans, maybe modify them before they are implemented.
      Unless people tell them, they might not see how the plan affects people who live in the area and enjoy their visits to Chadkirk. Useful to keep them in touch with the experience of regular visitors.

      • Pamela Wakefield

        We did let the councillors know what we felt, but it was all cut and dried. They did not consult the residents.

  2. Pamela Wakefield

    We walked round Chadkirk this morning and were HORRIFIED when we saw the notice stating that SMBC are proposing to have a bridal way through that lovely meadow. If it goes ahead it will be an eye sore, aswell as affecting wild life in this conservation area. If the footpath is closed, we will no longer be able to walk along in peace. It will be just like the one on the other side of the river, ie. a race track for cyclists and another attempt to “urbanise” a beautiful area of countryside which should remain natural. We find ourselves unable to walk along the bridal path from the Marple end at the weekends, because it is far too dangerous. Some cyclists ride at top speed along there. When I mentioned the situation to the community police officers at Marple Library, not long ago, I was advised not to go along there at weekends!SMBC obviously want to make Chadkirk just the same and once they make their minds up, there is nothing anyone can do to stop them. It seems to me that decisions are very often down to people on the council that don’t walk the countryside and know very little about it. That’s the trouble!


    • It looks as if the councillors are listening now, Pamela. Now might be a good time to let people know, so that your views are reflected in the report that is to be prepared. You can see the latest news on the most recent posts here.

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