Festivities at Chadkirk : 7th December Carol Service

This weekend there’s the traditional Carol Service in the Chapel.

On Saturday some of the team will be in the Chapel at Chadkirk adding a festive touch to the interior with some decorative adornments.
On Sunday 7th December there are two services.

At 3pm Will Hunter of Woodley Methodist Church will lead the singing.

At 4-30 pm Andy Bull of St Mark’s Church, Bredbury will take the celebrants through the service.

It’s a beautiful setting for the service. A chance to feel some awe and wonder. Or some joy and gratitude. Though please wrap up. The heating system in the Chapel might also feel historic, so if you’d like that feeling of joy to reach fingers and toes, then gloves and thick socks will help!

Please note: As space is limited, entrance is by ticket only.
Tickets are issued via Staircase House, on a first come first served basis.

For this Sunday’s services, these tickets have all been allocated.
For 2015 watch this space for notification when tickets are available for the next opportunity to join the Carol Service at Chadkirk Chapel.

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