Chadkirk Christmas Carol Service

Our Carol Services were heart warming, convivial and uplifting.
Whilst my flash photography cannot capture the colour and warmth, the snaps give a glimpse.

It’s a joy to feel the festivities begin in such a location. To walk along the lane under the light of a moon just past full and to share the carols and readings in this ancient chapel, is a special evocation of the spirit of the season.

Afterwards guests lingered and chatted over mince pies and sherry.

The generosity of guests was expressed in several ways. There were those who expressed their pleasure with smiles and words. And others placed coins and notes into a bowl on the way out, aware that this was for the benefit of the Guide Dogs for the Blind which was the nominated charity for this event.

The Friend of Chadkirk who counted the collection sent me this note today:
the retiring collection yesterday for Guide Dogs raised an amazing £200! I know that sounds like a ‘cooked’ figure, but only because I put 49p in to make it up!

East Window - Chadkirk Chapel - Carol Service

Christmas celebrations at Chadkirk Chapel

Chadkirk Chapel ready for Carol Service

Visitors to Chadkirk Chapel

After the Carol Service: convivial gathering

After the Carol Service: convivial gathering

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