Mapping the new…

Let’s celebrate the start of 2015 with a map.
A new map. A map available to all (all on-line anyway).
A map of Stockport which begins where you are.
You might try this link:

You can key in a postcode, your home or a Chadkirk postcode,
or somewhere like Healdwood in Romiley, another little jewel enjoyed by local folk.

Then click on my maps

On the left is an alphabetical list of things which can be added to the map. Scroll down for transport (it’s 15th on list) and check the box. This will then add information to your map. Rights of way are shown…these are shown with a red broken line.

I have found that the map seems most useful when the scale marker has the bar in the middle of the scale.

It is unclear whether these lines are footpaths/bridleways. Or if these lines refer to current/pending/aspirations.

To know that, you need to go to Fred Perry House to view the Definitive Map.

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