Monthly Archives: March 2015

March meeting

Many of the joys at Chadkirk come with watching the seasons unfold.
And many of the rewards of being a Friend of Chadkirk are in knowing you’ve done something to allow people to enjoy so much more here, throughout the year.

For gardening volunteers, there’s the joy of the gardening and then the satisfaction of contributing to this unique location’s special attractions. But also there’s the awareness that the garden brings joy to so many of the visitors. For others, they make an invaluable contribution when it comes to organising and taking part in the events we plan. The calendar of events at Chadkirk, in their way, celebrate the passing seasons too.

Our March meeting is the AGM. While it is a business like meeting, it is also cheery (this time there was chocolate cake too!) and it gives us a chance to see all that there is to celebrate at Chadkirk.

We started by thanking all those who had enjoyed some shelter from the weather a week ago. On the first day of spring (meteorologically speaking!), our St Chad’s Day celebration involved sharing cream scones in the chapel. Delicious and convivial. And another £50 raised towards the upkeep of Chadkirk. These funds will contribute to maintaining our gardens and enhancing the environment, as well as offering social events for visitors and the local community.

On Saturday 7th March, an improvement in the weather and a chance for our team of gardening volunteers to continue preparing the Walled Garden for a spring and summer of growth. The third Thursday of the month – on 19th March- volunteers will be continuing this work.

Other activities were discussed at the AGM as we considered the organisation of our Easter Egg Hunt and thought ahead to Well Dressing for the festival.

Friends of Chadkirk also have the opportunity to get involved in active conservation work. In May and July, there’s the possibility for Friends to learn more about our meadowlands here at Chadkirk. As part of the Coronation Meadows project, volunteers will be learning to identify plant species so that they can collect seeds and grow new plants. This will enable the benefits of the rich biodiversity of Chadkirk’s Coronation Meadow to be shared with other sites in the area.

Being able to make a difference at a local level, and knowing that others get pleasure from what you do, is deeply satisfying. It might not be the reason I signed up and joined the Friends group, yet it is a very real – if unforeseen- benefit.