Your favourite footpath?

the start of the path...

There are so many delights at Chadkirk that it seems impossible to pick a favourite. However, for many people, it would be the footpath by the stream. A few steps from the car park, you are soon beside the stream and looking out over fields towards the woods. Although the path is not really suitable for wheelchairs, it is ideal for walkers who need to be on the flat and can just manage a short walk. Alternatively, runners like to use this path as part of their circuit. And for dog walkers it is an opportunity to let dogs run (and paddle!) without fear of traffic.

While many people use this path each day, it’s existence was overlooked in the plans to change Chadkirk by adding a bridleway.These plans proposed the closure of this much loved and well-used footpath.

Although this proposal was initially agreed at Werneth Area Committee meeting, once the local representatives became aware of the planned closure of the footpath and several other significant issues, the plans were halted. The process of consulting local groups has been taking place. Soon the decision to rescind the plan will come before a Werneth Area Committee meeting.

This consultation process means that for users of the path there is an opportunity to express your views. Individuals can also ask questions at the next committee meeting. The meeting is open.

There are many people who visit Chadkirk regularly and who may be unaware of this planning process, so in part, I am writing this to provide information about that process.

In addition, there may be a way to safeguard this footpath from any future threat. This involves the process of having the path dedicated or recorded. This process can take a while…However we have started the ball rolling and will keep you updated about that here.

In the meantime, if you have walked this path regularly, repeatedly, frequently over the years then you might be able to be part of that process by providing a witness statement.

Please get in touch through the comments section of this blog and/or come along to a Friends of Chadkirk meeting.

Friends of Chadkirk Meeting for May: Thursday 7th May at 7-30pm
in Chadkirk Chapel.

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