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Democracy and change at Chadkirk

Apologies… date of next Werneth Area Committee Meeting in earlier post was incorrect.

Look out for information about any new proposals in the week beginning 6th July.

The information about the meeting on the Stockport website is:

Werneth Area Committee
Monday, 13th July, 2015 6.00 pm

The agenda will be displayed in the week before the meeting

Proposed venue: Dining Room – Woodley Civic Hall

Contact: Damian Eaton (0161 474 3207)

Well dressing for beginners

Preparations for this summer’s Chadkirk Festival are well in hand. There are opportunities for people to get involved…

Each year the Festival begins with a ceremonial unveiling of St Chad’s Well. Our well is dressed each year by a team of enthusiasts. Members of the team include those with years of experience, real skill and artistic flair. They develop a unique design, reflecting current themes and then explore ways of realising the image.

In addition to the more experienced members of the team, there is always an opportunity for others to take part in the process of creation.

On Wednesday 1st July at 7pm there will be a chance to gather in Chadkirk Chapel and learn more about this year’s design and be part of it’s assembly.

Then later in the month in the days before the festival, you are welcome to join us to complete the process.

On Wednesday 22 July and Thursday 23 Chadkirk Chapel will be open between 10 am and 4pm. Join us for an hour or for a morning or afternoon. Or spend a day or two. Then enjoy seeing the fruits of your labours ceremonially unveiled on Sunday 26th July at the start of Chadkirk Festival 2015.

The design for the well dressing for 2013 was based on the newly installed East window

The design for the well dressing for 2013 was based on the newly installed East window

Chadkirk Well Dressing 2013
The team of craftsmen towards the end of a long day's work. Photo: Artemisia

The team of craftsmen towards the end of a long day’s work.
Photo: Artemisia

Well dressing Chadkirk Festival             Photo: Colin

So… what’s new?

We have all been watching to see how any changes to recent proposals are progressing. Local councillors have visited Chadkirk. Any amendments to previous plans are not yet public.

It is unclear when these plans will be announced. However it is clear that locals, visitors and residents will want to study and reflect on the proposals so that they might see how they could affect their use of the area and the unique conservation status of Chadkirk.

It would seem that the best we can do is keep a look out on the Stockport website which notifies us about future meetings. If the itention is to discuss and vote on any proposals at the July meeting, then the plans may be published on the site one week before that.

For those wishing to attend the Werneth Area Committee meeting, the date for your diary is Monday 6th July.

Thank you…

A big thank you to all those who supported our recent plant sale. Together you helped us to raise £131-75. This will enable The Friends of Chadkirk to continue to maintain and enhance the beauty of this special place.

Plant sale at Chadkirk – this Saturday.

Now that June has arrived, it must be time for the annual plant sale at Chadkirk, just at the right time in the gardening calendar, when the spring flush is over and there might be gaps in the borders. Or you might be looking ahead to add some interest for later in the summer? Some perennials that will be flowering in August or September? Or perhaps some ornamental grasses or ferns that can get established this summer and add interest to your garden for years to come.

On Saturday 13th June between 2-30 ad 4pm there will be a couple of stalls on the lawned area as you approach Chadkirk Chapel and the Walled Garden.

One of the stalls will be selling plants that have been grown by Friends of Chadkirk. All money raised goes to support the Chapel and garden.

Plants for sale photo : artemisia

Plants for sale
photo : artemisia

These Shuttlecock Ferns will be amongst the range of plants for sale on the Friends stall.You can pay £5-99 for plants like this elsewhere, so here’s a chance to pay less (and support a good cause).

In addition there will be some fine plants for sale from Kim’s Cottage Garden Plants. By donating a percentage of her takings, Kim also makes a valuable contribution to the funds used to keep our Chadkirk gardens looking good.

For more information about the plants that Kim sells:

There are only two opportunities each year to buy plants at Chadkirk. The second one will be in about 6 weeks time on the Sunday of the Chadkirk Festival. At last year’s festival, trade was so brisk that Kim’s plants were sold out early, and those who came during the second half of the event might have missed their chance to snap up some healthy plants at excellent prices.

If this week’s sunshine has taken your thoughts in the direction of fine times enjoying your garden in the months ahead, the Plant Sale might be just what you are looking for.

Green Gym…

This afternoon the volunteer gardeners were at work in The Walled Garden at Chadkirk. Out in the fresh air of a June day, in an idyllic setting, a gentle pleasure, in fine company. And the added satisfaction of helping to create a little bit of beauty and harmony in this quiet corner of Stockport.

June Gardening Team

This is a busy time in the garden. In a space like this one, at this time of the year, some of the plants that we don’t want are growing faster than the ones we do, so the team have plenty to do pulling up weeds from the beds and tidying around the edges. Each volunteer does their bit. Each person comes to garden when they can and as a result the garden is there for all to enjoy.

Before the restoration project and the gardening of the Friends of Chadkirk, this place was dishevelled and forlorn, overrun with brambles, nettles and weeds. Without the team of volunteers, the weeds would win and the garden would be lost again.


10 volunteers today...making a difference

10 volunteers today…making a difference

Green Gym ?

Green Gym ?


Volunteer, taking a break...

A little bit of moving around in the open air, stretching, hoeing, weeding, planting. Good for the heart and lungs, connecting with community and landscape, with friends and with green. Movement and growth. In a peaceful setting. Uplifting. Benefits for mind and body. And after the team head off home, the tranquility and beauty remain…