Plant sale at Chadkirk – this Saturday.

Now that June has arrived, it must be time for the annual plant sale at Chadkirk, just at the right time in the gardening calendar, when the spring flush is over and there might be gaps in the borders. Or you might be looking ahead to add some interest for later in the summer? Some perennials that will be flowering in August or September? Or perhaps some ornamental grasses or ferns that can get established this summer and add interest to your garden for years to come.

On Saturday 13th June between 2-30 ad 4pm there will be a couple of stalls on the lawned area as you approach Chadkirk Chapel and the Walled Garden.

One of the stalls will be selling plants that have been grown by Friends of Chadkirk. All money raised goes to support the Chapel and garden.

Plants for sale photo : artemisia

Plants for sale
photo : artemisia

These Shuttlecock Ferns will be amongst the range of plants for sale on the Friends stall.You can pay £5-99 for plants like this elsewhere, so here’s a chance to pay less (and support a good cause).

In addition there will be some fine plants for sale from Kim’s Cottage Garden Plants. By donating a percentage of her takings, Kim also makes a valuable contribution to the funds used to keep our Chadkirk gardens looking good.

For more information about the plants that Kim sells:

There are only two opportunities each year to buy plants at Chadkirk. The second one will be in about 6 weeks time on the Sunday of the Chadkirk Festival. At last year’s festival, trade was so brisk that Kim’s plants were sold out early, and those who came during the second half of the event might have missed their chance to snap up some healthy plants at excellent prices.

If this week’s sunshine has taken your thoughts in the direction of fine times enjoying your garden in the months ahead, the Plant Sale might be just what you are looking for.

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