Werneth Area Committee decides…

At this evening’s meeting the committee agreed to implement points 1, 2 and 4.

So – the original plan for a bridleway A-B has been rescinded, a short addition to current footpaths has been agreed to enable wheelchair access to part of the country park and the proposals about improving visibility were passed. These changes are likely to use the allocated budget of £20 000.

A variety of comments were made about the new footpath G-H.
There was some sense that Committee members might want this to be given further consideration. The Equestrians’ representative made an offer of funds/donations.That proposal could not be considered at this meeting.

The Werneth Area Committee has decided.
For any future proposals…watch this space.

Additional note: 5th August
Full minutes from the meeting, as published on the stockport Council website can be read in the blogpost here.


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