Creating the clothes…

Unveiling the well dressing is the ceremony which kicks off the Chadkirk Festival each year. This week, in the days preceding the festival, there is work to be done…

A small team of volunteers, some old hands, some newbies, some who planned to be there, some who just wandered into the Chapel and wanted to get involved, get their hands dirty.

Preparing the clay blocks

Preparing the clay blocks

Drawing the design on the clay block

Drawing the design on the clay block

Although plenty of planning has gone into this process, no-one can be exactly sure how the design will look when the well is unveiled.

Today the clay is prepared before ‘planting’. This lays the foundation. Next the clothes for the well dressing are created from other adornments. Perhaps a chance to join in, so that when the well is visible to all, there can be an extra sense of satisfaction and pleasure, knowing that you have played a part in adding interest and beauty to this much loved place.

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