Putting things in place…

At Chadkirk today, we are putting things in place.

Hedges have been trimmed, gardens have been tidied. The grass in Ford field has been cut. An area in Chapel field has been mowed. We are getting ready.

Ford Field is prepared. On Sunday, this becomes a car park for just one day. Visitors driving to the Chadkirk Festival will be guided along Vale Road and into Ford Field for free parking.

The hedge trimming allows the visitors to walk the footpath in greater numbers than the everyday foliage might allow. This makes life easier for those visitors who are walking in along the footpath alongside Vale Road.

Near the entrance to the Chadkirk Festival, a corner of the field is reserved for the animals from the donkey sanctuary. Here the grass is mown. Eating this meadow grass is not good for these donkeys, so this preparation is vital and enables visitors to get close to these appealing animals.

Later today, the well dressing will be completed, ready to be unveiled at midday on Sunday.

On Saturday, and Sunday morning, people will be assembling their stalls.

All this fine preparation. For all the festival’s visitors on Sunday, there’s a rich experience. Putting things in place pays off.

Animal sanctuary           Photo: Artemisia

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