Something for everyone…

At the Chadkirk Festival, there’s something for everyone.

Animal lover?

There’s donkeys, birds of prey and …ahem…spiders?
In a new twist, the bird of prey display features ferrets.
Can I have heard that right?

It’s always exciting to see these birds. This year the handlers have decided that it is unwise to fly the birds. Apparently, there are concerns that the birds were likely to fly off, given the tasty morsels – smaller birds and voles – that are part of the local wildlife. Their appeal might be stronger than the trainer’s lure.

There is a small charge for handling the birds and having your photo taken. This will be donated to help with the costs of the festival.

Bird of Prey                   Photo: Artemisia

Music lover?

There’ll be the Stockport Silver Band outside Chadkirk Chapel and T’insle Bells performing inside. A new feature this year, in the performance arena (the lawned area) a folk singing duo will do a couple of sets. When the competition was held, the sound of George Borowski singing drew office workers to their windows. On Sunday he will sing with Gaynor Wilson. Their final set will close the festival.

Looking for local produce? There’s the honey from Arnie’s hives and Comfrey Oil from the gardens of Chadkirk.

Want to have a go at crafts? There’s willow weaving and craft work with Chantal, where you might make your own mini well dressing display. Looking or buying? There are plenty of options in Chadkirk Chapel, where there are craft stalls and food stands.

Sunday is also a chance to pick up a copy of the guide to our local Heritage Walk.

Walk 23 Stockport Heritage Trust

Plenty of stalls to browse, food to enjoy and games to play. Talk to producers and learn about what they do. Watch the dancers and martial artists demonstrate and perhaps find a new interest.

All the fun of the festival…at Chadkirk. Starting at midday on Sunday 26 July.

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