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Werneth Area Committee decides…

At this evening’s meeting the committee agreed to implement points 1, 2 and 4.

So – the original plan for a bridleway A-B has been rescinded, a short addition to current footpaths has been agreed to enable wheelchair access to part of the country park and the proposals about improving visibility were passed. These changes are likely to use the allocated budget of £20 000.

A variety of comments were made about the new footpath G-H.
There was some sense that Committee members might want this to be given further consideration. The Equestrians’ representative made an offer of funds/donations.That proposal could not be considered at this meeting.

The Werneth Area Committee has decided.
For any future proposals…watch this space.

Additional note: 5th August
Full minutes from the meeting, as published on the stockport Council website can be read in the blogpost here.

The future of the footpath

2012 Gate and  new path

This ‘new’ footpath was added to the pathways of the Country Park to enable pedestrians to walk from the main car park to the Chapel in safety. For many years there had been concerns that the road was potentially dangerous for walkers, especially children, walkers with their pets and people who were less mobile.

As a way forward, this new footpath was created.

Today, 3rd July, a proposal was published on-line. This proposal will be put to the Werneth Area Committee on 13th July. The elected representatives will be asked to comment on this proposal:

Comment on the proposal to permit equestrian access to route (G to H on the plan) or to retain the route for pedestrians only.

G to H on the map is the ‘new’ footpath.

So permit equestrian access?
or retain the route for pedestrians only?

What do you think?
You have a week to let your councillors know how any change might affect you, so that their comments will reflect the views of current users and the wider community.

The width of the path

The width of the path

the width of the ...

the width of the path…is …

The latest proposals…

Today the latest proposals for Chadkirk were published on the council website. Below is a cut and paste of what you will see when you follow the links to Werneth Area Committee Meeting Agenda 13th July.

There is now one week to read, consider and respond to these proposals.
Interested parties may want to submit questions, attend the meeting, or write to representatives.

Hot off the press:

Bridleway at Chadkirk Country Estate  PDF 73 KB
• View the background to item 7.
To consider a report of the Corporate Director for Place Management & Regeneration.
The report details a proposal for the Area Committee to give further consideration to the dedication of a bridleway at Chadkirk Country Estate, as marked A to B on the plan attached to the report.
The Area Committee is recommended to
(1) Reconsider the dedication of a bridleway at Chadkirk Country Estate, marked A to B on the attached plan given the considerations listed.
(2) Support the creation of an extension to the existing pedestrian footpath to in improve accessibility (E to F on the plan).
(3) Comment on the proposal to permit equestrian access to route (G to H on the plan) or to retain the route for pedestrians only.
(4) Acknowledge the need to improve visibility at two points (K and M on the attached plan).
Officer contact: Ian Walmsley on 0161 474 4382 or email:
Additional documents:
• Enc. 1 for Bridleway at Chadkirk Country Estate , item 7.
• Plan , item 7.
 PDF 326 KB

All the fun of the Festival

Chadkirk Festival – the last Sunday in July – is one of those relatively rare days in the year. It’s a day when there’s an opportunity to relax and mingle, in a lovely space, with other folk, smiling, laughing, enjoying themselves.


While the Chadkirk Festival is not free, it is priced so that it is excellent value, and many of the pleasures have a very affordable price tag.

Once you’ve paid the small admission charge, there’s the beautiful Walled Garden and Chadkirk Chapel to enjoy and a flow of entertainments. On the lawned area: a performance space where visitors are entertained by a range of local groups – dancers, martial arts, birds of prey. In Chadkirk Chapel: many and varied craft stalls which are a delight to see and the Tin’stle bells, a delight to hear.


For many of the attractions, fees are kept to the minimum, so that as many visitors as possible have the chance to enjoy them – whether this involves making your own balloon sculpture or holding a bird of prey. Donkeys, spiders and ferrets will all be there to get to know a little better!

At Chadkirk, a little spending money goes a long way. There will be many delicious treats, though can there be a better bargain than the cream scones at the Friends of Chadkirk tent?

Cream Teas

Service with a smile by volunteers. £1-50 for a delicious freshly baked scone, strawberries and a generous portion of cream. Only while stocks last! And, by the way, all proceeds from this stall go into the Friends of Chadkirk fund to develop and enhance Chadkirk, the gardens, chapel and country park. So by making any extra donations when you buy your cream tea, you can rest assured that every penny will be spent on this beautiful place.


A thumbs up from some of last year’s visitors!

All the fun of the Festival…a date for your diary

Sunday 26 July Chadkirk Festival 2015

Chadkirk in July

There’s plenty happening at Chadkirk this month.
The month starts with our Friends of Chadkirk meeting in Chadkirk Chapel; a relaxed meeting to discuss, among other things, the 2015 Chadkirk Festival. This is our 19th Festival here at Chadkirk, and we know from the visitors who come that, for many, it has turned into one of their favourite summer days out and become something of a tradition. The last Sunday in July? Oh yes! That’s the Chadkirk Festival.

During our meeting there was a chance just to refresh our plans. The Festival will be a blend of all those traditions that regular visitors enjoy so much, together with a few new features that will add a touch of novelty and some small surprises. More of which later…

Before then, there’s time to spend in the gardens. Here volunteers in our gardening team will be doing some weeding, and making the odd nip and tuck, to make sure the garden is at it’s glorious best for the Festival. Today it is radiant and full of blossom in the summer sunshine. From the paths, approaching the garden, the scents of summer fill the air. In the Walled Garden, there are some fine specimen roses, with a stunning cascade of Rambling Rector transforming one of the apple trees.

This week’s combination of warmth and wet has provided ideal growing conditions. It may have brought out blossom; it has also nourished weeds. Whereas once, the weeding and maintenance of these gardens was shared between local authority workers and unpaid volunteers, now Stockport MBC pays to mow the lawn. Virtually everything else is being done by local people.

The gardening team includes people with a life time of gardening experience and folk who just enjoy being in the garden doing a little gentle activity with a friendly bunch. The expertise of the the gardening team leader provides inspiration and focus for the rest of the team. This means there’s a great opportunity for people to come along, be in the fresh air, do a little stretching and moving and feel that they are making a difference, enabling others to enjoy this special place.

The Friends of Chadkirk gardening team will be in the garden on Saturday 4th July, whatever the weather. Please join us. We are there between 2-4 approximately. Chadkirk Chapel will be open, serving ice cream, tea and coffee. During our break, the gardeners chat and share refreshments. Always a cuppa for each member of the team. Often some home baked cake, biscuits or flapjack brought along by one of the friends as a thank you and a treat.One of the many rewards of being part of the Friends of Chadkirk.

Tea break at the June Gardening Saturday

Mist and meadows

Mists and Meadows: the charm of Chadkirk Thanks to Angie for this photo, taken as we left the Chapel at the end of our July meeting.

Mists and Meadows: the charm of Chadkirk
Thanks to Angie for this photo, taken as we left the Chapel at the end of our July meeting.