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The Year ahead…

Friends of Chadkirk Provisional Calendar for 2016

Gardening friends meet at the Chapel/in the Walled Garden on the first Saturday of the month at 2.00pm and the third Thursday of the month at 10.00am.
New gardeners are very welcome to join us. We have tools, though you might like to bring your favourite gardening gloves. Many hands make light work…

Friends of Chadkirk meetings are usually held on the first Thursday of every other month. We meet in the Chapel, starting at 7.30 pm. In these months it is a business meeting: Jan, Mar, May, July, September, November. In alternate months a social meeting is arranged.

Where bookings are needed for the events organised by Friends of Chadkirk this is usually done through Stockport Tourist Information Centre. Please phone 0161-474-4444 for further information.


Thursday 3rd March AGM

Sunday 6th March – St Chad’s Day

Sunday 27th March – Easter Service in the Chapel 3.00pm

Monday 28th March – Easter Treasure Hunt for children in the garden 2.00-4.00pm


Saturday 11th June – Plant Sale on the lawn – 2.30 – 4.00pm


Tuesday 26th to Friday 29th July – Well Dressing
more details from Stockport Tourist Information Centre 0161 474 4444

Blessing Saturday 30th July – details to follow


Saturday 10th or 17th September – Bird and Bat Box Making
1.30 – 4.00pm
£5 per box
date and details to be confirmed


Friday 14st – Harvest Supper & Quiz 7.30 pm
by ticket only, price to be confirmed

Sunday 23rd – Harvest Festival Service 3.30 pm


Sunday 4th – Carol services 3.00 pm & 4.30 pm
free of charge but admission by ticket only

For information about the next Chadkirk Festival watch this space…

To see a world in a grain of sand…

Amongst the works of art and craft in Chadkirk Chapel is a banner with the well known William Blake quote embroidered. Whether you see the world in terms of subjects on the curriculum – economics, politics, sociology, ecology, history, law – or in terms of connection to landscape and community, a Friends of Chadkirk meeting is likely to tick all those boxes, cover many of the bases. If your grain of sand is Chadkirk, there’s plenty to interest an active mind. Plenty going on.

At the first meeting of the year there were discussions about many aspects of the Country Park and estate, the Chapel and the Walled Gardens, social events in the near future and plans for the medium to long term. An interesting mix.

We looked at issues horticultural (how to get our fruit trees pruned and the grazing animals in the meadow), structural (footpath renovations planned) and economic. In one sense the economic aspects affect much of the activity of the Country Park. While the members of this Friends group, as with the other 50 friends groups in Stockport, give their time and skills freely, there are always things that have a price to be considered. For now we are in the fortunate position of having raised enough funds to be able to pay outside experts to prune the fruit trees or rebuild pathways. And 2016 will see the usual range of fund raising activities down at Chadkirk to top up the pot up from time to time.

This range of activities and events will broadly follow our usual pattern, the usual calendar. Broadly. With one obvious exception. This year, there’ll be a change to the pattern of activities at the end of July.

For over a decade, the last weekend has become a regular date in many people’s diaries for the Chadkirk Festival. 2016 will be different. Usually the Chadkirk Festival is made possible, in part, by cooperation between Stockport council – people, stalls, communications, expertise – and volunteers from the Friends of Chadkirk. However 2016 sees the re-opening of the recently renovated Bramall Hall. The last weekend in July is when this event will take place.

As a result things will be different this year down at Chadkirk.
Currently we are looking at our plans. It looks as if the Well Dressing will be able to go ahead at that time. So the usual days in the week for making the decorations for St Chad’s Well and then, during the last weekend in July there will be a Well Dressing dedication. Date and time to be decided.

It might be possible to add other activities to this Well Dressing weekend in July. However it is looking increasingly likely that the 20th Chadkirk Festival will not be in 2016, but in 2017.

Other dates for your diary will be published here when decisions are made and information becomes available.

In the meantime, the Friends of Chadkirk will meet for the AGM on Thursday 3rd March in Chadkirk Chapel at 7-30pm.

Before then we would welcome ideas from visitors about the year ahead. Whatever your interests, there’s something of interest at Chadkirk.

Looking forward…acting now

Friends of Chadkirk act as custodians of  this special place.

We meet monthly, usually on the first Thursday of each month.

Our first meeting of 2016 will be tomorrow evening between 7-30 and 9 in Chadkirk Chapel. The meeting is a chance to catch up with what’s going on at Chadkirk now and to look forward to the year ahead. Acting now, safeguards this place for the future. Whether it’s gardening, or fundraising , joining in the social activities or playing a part in setting up events like the Chadkirk festival,each small act, is a significant step in the processes that help keep Chadkirk special.


New members are always welcome.

Perhaps see you at Chadkirk Chapel tomorrow evening…

Thursday 7th January 2016  at 7-30 in Chadkirk Chapel