Nearly there…

Chadkirk is a popular place for dog walkers. Today a dog walking family from Marple spotted a notice about the well dressing . Their curiosity aroused, they dropped in to the Chapel…and stayed for over an hour, providing invaluable support to our team by helping out with the decorations for the dressing of St Chad’s Well for this weekend’s celebrations.

One of our team, Angie, wanted to say a big thank you to them for pitching in at a time when the team was beginning to feel that they might be burning the midnight oil to get the work finished in time. She sent me a photo of the team at work with a note to say:

This was a lovely family from Marple who dropped by the chapel today because they spotted a notice about the well dressing yesterday while walking their dog. They enjoyed themselves so much that they stayed for over an hour and have put their names down to take part next year. Norah & I were glad of their assistance as we were beginning to wonder if we’d get our panel finished by tomorrow’s deadline. There’s no such problem now!

Team work: A busy time in the Chapel

The photos show the team at work and just a glimpse of the design.
Interestingly, this year Pat has come up with a design based on a beautiful map of Chadkirk. It will be fascinating to see the finished map and design, the living map of Chadkirk.

For those who can visit Chadkirk this weekend, we’d love to receive your comments about the design. If you can’t get along to see St Chad’s Well freshly decorated for our 2017 celebrations, then we’ll post photographs here. So watch this space!

This really is a team effort. Planning has been underway since the Friends group learned that the usual Festival could not go ahead this year. While the people from the Friends of Chadkirk Team have enjoyed spending time and energy and applying their expertise to enable the event to happen, it is also delightful when other folk get involved too.

I am sure that all those who visit Chadkirk this weekend (and throughout the year) would join with me in saying a big thank you for all that they do. Chadkirk is a special place. The WellDressing Celebration is one event of many and part of their unique contribution to the life of our community. Long may they thrive!

If you have visited Chadkirk and have a photo or a comment, please get in touch and we can share comments with other folk who love Chadkirk.


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