16th October Friends of Chadkirk Meeting at 1-30 pm in Chadkirk Chapel

The future of Chadkirk is being considered in the current round of budget planning and cost savings. 

As a means of making budget savings,  proposals being considering include:

  • (b)  Offer local organisations the opportunity to run the visitor and refreshment facility at Chadkirk Chapel and for the Council to cease operating the museum offer at the site.

Removing the chapel from the list of museum sites has many potential implications. 

How then will the fabric of the building be maintained to ensure the chapel’s future use by our community? How will that be taken care of? Funded? Which part of the Council will be responsible for the Chapel?

Will this change of status affect it’s continued use by our community?

Without adequate maintenance will it be available to the community as a safe, beautiful place to meet and celebrate the passing of the seasons? What will happen to it’s key role as a focal point for community use of Chadkirk and Chadkirk Chapel? What of the future of events such as Weekly Tai Chi, annual festivals such as Harvest Supper, Easter and Christmas celebrations? Well Dressing ? Well Dressing Blessing Day? Bat box making?

A consultation process is under way. Now is the time to make your views known about the future of Chadkirk.


The public consultation on the proposals runs until 15 th November. 

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