Consultation about changes

A consultation process is under way. Now is the time to make your views known about the future of Chadkirk.

The future of Chadkirk is being considered in the current round of budget planning and cost savings. 

The public consultation on the proposals runs until 15 th November.


As a means of making budget savings,  proposals being considering include:

  • (b)  Offer local organisations the opportunity to run the visitor and refreshment facility at Chadkirk Chapel and for the Council to cease operating the museum offer at the site.

Removing the chapel from the list of museum sites has many potential implications. 

How then will the fabric of the building be maintained to ensure that the chapel’s future use by our community? How will that be taken care of? Funded? By which part of the council if not by museums service?

Will this change of status affect it’s continued use by our community?

Without adequate maintenance will it be available to the community as a safe, beautiful place to meet, celebrate the passing of the seasons? What will happen to it’s key role as a focal point for community use of Chadkirk and Chadkirk Chapel? What of the future of events such as Weekly Tai Chi, annual festivals such as Harvest supper, Easter and Christmas celebrations? Well Dressing ?

A consultation process is under way. Now is the time to make your views known about the future of Chadkirk.

As part of current proposals for Stockport Council’s Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP ) 2020/21, there is a proposition that the budget for the museums service is reduced by £150k per year with effect from April  2020 . A summary of the outline proposal is attached. 

The Council has developed four proposals for meeting the required budget saving: 

1.   Reduce the number of museum sites operated by the Council 

2.   Change opening hours at Stockport’s museums 

3.   Change fees and charges for admission to Stockport’s museums 

4.   Changes to museums service management. 


The detail of the proposals 1-3 is now subject to online public consultation which can be accessed at the link below.

The public consultation on the proposals runs until 15 th November. 

We would really welcome your views on these proposals and encourage you to participate in this consultation exercise. 

Chadkirk Chapel 

Chadkirk Chapel is a popular refreshment facility for walkers, but its offer as a museum is limited. The site has being increasingly used as a venue for civil weddings in the past two years. With the proposed budget reduction and the other museum sites it is committed to operating, the Council cannot justify continuing to operate Chadkirk as a museum. It is proposed that the site is closed as a museum from 29th December 2019. The Council proposes to work with local organisations to see if they are interested in opening the site to the public and operating the refreshment facility at the site. 


The proposed closure of Stockport Museum and Chadkirk Chapel to the public will have the following benefits: 

  •   Savings of £0.040m of the proposed £0.150m budget saving.
  •   Reduction in the operational management requirement for the Council’s museums which will
    enable savings in service management
  •   Enabling the Council to focus its attention on improving and developing those sites which are
    unique to Stockport and help to define the identity of the town.
  •   Enabling the museums family gallery to be re-provided at a more accessible location.
  •   Enabling museum collections to be displayed in new and more accessible locations.

October 16th at 13-30 a meeting of Friends of Chadkirk to discuss this proposal.

4 responses to “Consultation about changes

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  3. Beverley roberts

    Hi there there isn’t any room on the in line or paper survey to make any remarks about the closure of chadkirk in particular. It only seems to focus on the other museums. Is there anything more we can do as a family to note our concerns about chadkirk to the council other than what we have already done ie attended last week’s meeting signed the petition and Co. Pcompleted the online and pare survey

    • Thanks Beverley. That’s great news that you are doing what you can.
      It has been suggested to me that an email to the decision makers at SMBC might be a way of communicating that you want to support Chadkirk Chapel’s future use by our community.

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