You are all invited…

to Chadkirk Chapel
at 2pm
on Saturday 9th November

There are changes planned.
How will these changes affect you?

The pleasure of a visit to Chadkirk Chapel when enjoying a wander around the gardens and the woods adds an extra delight to any visit to Chadkirk Country Park. Not to mention the comfort of a break inside and a cuppa, sheltered from the weather. The history and art works within add a special dimension which is unique.

Now we know that this benefit may fall away as a result of plans currently being considered. As a result of the changes, Chadkirk Chapel may not be open to visitors as weekends. Private events and events organised by friends will be the only occasions when the public will be likely to have access in 2020.

Our community has played a vital part in the renovation of Chadkirk Walled Garden and Chadkirk Chapel. Hours of TLC and fund raising have maintained the special qualities of this place as a resource for our community.

What now?
There’s some uncertainty.
What is certain: the plans will mean an end to weekend openings of Chadkirk Chapel. Unless the plans are modified. Unless people speak up. Unless people show they value access to Chadkirk Chapel for the general public.

How can you express your viewpoint? Have some influence? See a future with this amenity and this extraordinary historical site accessible to the general public at weekends?

Join us. Come along to the public meeting. Hear a little more about the plans. Sign a petition. Spread the word. A community resource for our community. An historic and artistic place. A community amenity.How can we develop a plan? A plan which enables use and sharing of the resources we already have, rather than a reduction in access?

We look forward to seeing you.

Chadkirk Chapel
at 2pm
on Saturday 9th November

One response to “You are all invited…

  1. Sorry I cant make it to the meeting, but I will respond to the consultation document I picked up from the Chapel the other day. Ralph Atherton.

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