2020 monthly meetings

The time of future bi-monthly meetings.
In future Friends of Chadkirk bi-monthly meetings will be held at 10am on the 2nd Thursday of the month at the Chapel, commencing 9th January 2020.

2 responses to “2020 monthly meetings

  1. Will there be anything happening at Chadkirk on St Chad’s Day, Monday 2 March? I am planning a walk for my Monday walking group past Chadkirk on that day. I remember that in 2015, the previous time St Chad’s Day fell on a Monday, we happened to walk past Chadkirk and were delighted to find coffee and cakes being served.

    • Good to hear from you Leslie.
      We celebrate St Chad’s Day on the nearest Sunday to St Chad’s official day.
      This year the means we will be in Chadkirk Chapel on Sunday March 1st 2020.
      If your group are walking on Sunday 1st some of our Friends will be delighted to meet you and offer you a war welcome and refreshments.

      There’s plenty of short circuits around Chadkirk, so it’s also pleasant to just have a little wander towards Chadkirk Chapel and step inside for a cuppa, a cake and a chat. There’s plenty of interest in the history and art works too. And things are starting to wake up in the Walled Garden too. Join us when you can.

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