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Harvest time

Nights are drawing in and it’s time to celebrate the changing of the seasons.
Down at Chadkirk we do that by opening the Chapel on a Friday evening and inviting folk to come along and join us for food and fun.

The food is our traditional offer of HotPot Supper.
Delicious HotPot and freshly baked Apple Pie.

The fun is provided by your companions and their/yours/our quick wit/surreal statements/daft ideas in responding to some silly questions about random aspects of life. Sit round a table, eat, drink and enjoy. All in a historical building that is part of our heritage from centuries past. Enjoying the here and now.
Food and fun. Community and conviviality. Ancient and modern. Laughter and Apple Pie.

Harvest Supper and Quiz
Friday 20th October
Tickets are £6
starts at 7.30pm. 

Tea and coffee available
and/or bring a bottle (no corkage fee!)

Harvest Supper on Friday 20th October

on Sunday another possibility:
Harvest Festival on Sunday 22nd October
Sing, pray, give thanks.

A note from Howard:

Tickets for the Harvest Supper (price £6) are available from the Tourist Information Centre, 30-31, The Market Place, Stockport,  SK1 1ES, 0161-474 4444.

Tickets for the Carol Services are to be had of Eventbrite

Tickets for the Carol Services are free of charge.
If, though, anyone wishing to attend one of the services would struggle to book on line, our colleagues at the Tourist Information Centre would be happy to assist in person.


Chadkirk Chapel…before it had Friends

Our Friend from South Africa has recently shared her stories of the renovation of the gardens. I wonder if there are people out there, reading this, who have been involved in the renovation of the Chapel at Chadkirk? This black and white photograph reminds us that Chadkirk Chapel was in a sorry state. If you have stories to tell of how the semi-derelict building was transformed into the building we enjoy today, we’d love to hear from you. Did you take part in the restoration? Or create any of the art works that are displayed there today? With your experiences, memories and photographs we can tell the tale of Chadkirk.

A different kind of Mothering Sunday treat…

Looking for a different kind of treat?
This Sunday, for one day only?
In Chadkirk Chapel?
….meet St.Chad?

Well…sort of…

Between 2 and 4 pm
Chadkirk Chapel will be open.
There’ll be a Friends of Chadkirk stall offering a variety of comestibles.
Tea, coffee, hot Vimto.
Traybake treats: flapjacks, lemon drizzle cake, caramel and chocolate slices for £1

In addition there’ll be the chance to watch a short ‘film’ about St. Chad, the Chapel’s saint. A short stroll, an interesting building full of curiosities, an opportunity to see something of the lives of people in the past. And cake. Something a little different for Sunday.

Sunday 6th March St. Chad’s Day in Chadkirk Chapel 2-4pm

Please note that the council run kiosk will not be open (no staff available).

Autumn 2015 : Harvest supper and Harvest Festival

The autumn equinox takes place on 23rd September. Exactly 12 hours from sunrise to sunset. Day perfectly balanced by night. A few days later on 28th September a full moon, the Hunter’s Moon.

As the days slip and the light changes, autumnal hues are starting to flush the trees in the woods. Birds which are summer migrants have moved on and native birds feed on berries and hips, making the most of this time of plenty.

At Chadkirk, as elsewhere, these glimpses of the connections between all things can bring a deep sense of pleasure and these delights are enjoyed by visitors, many of them strolling round Chadkirk daily, others visiting at weekends, some more occasional visitors, coming to the Chapel, Walled Garden, woodland walks and country park for some of the organised events.

Our calendar of events follows the rhythm of the seasons and reflects the community and the environment.

On Saturday 12th September we had our annual bird and bat box making event. This year drenching drizzle drove us inside. Snug in Chadkirk Chapel, visitors were ably assisted by John, who helped them to construct winter homes for bats. The nesting boxes for the birds will be ready when for small birds when spring arrives. This is an ideal opportunity for people young and old to learn about the life cycles of these animals from some-one who knows. Fascinating and fun.

Please be aware that this is our only bird and bat box day this year.

October always provides an opportunity to celebrate.
There’s our annual Harvest Supper on Friday 23rd October and the Harvest Festival on Sunday 25th October.

Tickets for the Harvest Supper are available from Staircase House. The evening in the chapel includes a quiz and hotpot, with home made apple pie for pudding.

For the Harvest Festival no ticket is required.

Creating the clothes…

Unveiling the well dressing is the ceremony which kicks off the Chadkirk Festival each year. This week, in the days preceding the festival, there is work to be done…

A small team of volunteers, some old hands, some newbies, some who planned to be there, some who just wandered into the Chapel and wanted to get involved, get their hands dirty.

Preparing the clay blocks

Preparing the clay blocks

Drawing the design on the clay block

Drawing the design on the clay block

Although plenty of planning has gone into this process, no-one can be exactly sure how the design will look when the well is unveiled.

Today the clay is prepared before ‘planting’. This lays the foundation. Next the clothes for the well dressing are created from other adornments. Perhaps a chance to join in, so that when the well is visible to all, there can be an extra sense of satisfaction and pleasure, knowing that you have played a part in adding interest and beauty to this much loved place.

Chadkirk Festival 2015…counting down…

There are 7 days to go before this year’s Chadkirk Festival.

At 12-00 midday on Sunday 26th July the festival will be opened with the unveiling of the well dressing. This week the team will be putting together the materials for our 2015 design and members of the public are invited to come along to Chadkirk Chapel and join in.

Each year, a different design, reflects the life and community of Chadkirk and links to the wider world. Past themes include the 1914 commemoration, St. Chad and the installation of the East Window in Chadkirk Chapel, The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. What will this year’s theme be?

Chadkirk Well Dressing 2013

The Mayor and Mayoress of Stockport for 2015/16 are Councillor Andrew Verdeille and Mrs Cleo Cundall.They will be unveiling the Well Dressing as the Festival is opened. After midday, they (and we) will be able to enjoy all the fun of the festival.

Well dressing for beginners

Preparations for this summer’s Chadkirk Festival are well in hand. There are opportunities for people to get involved…

Each year the Festival begins with a ceremonial unveiling of St Chad’s Well. Our well is dressed each year by a team of enthusiasts. Members of the team include those with years of experience, real skill and artistic flair. They develop a unique design, reflecting current themes and then explore ways of realising the image.

In addition to the more experienced members of the team, there is always an opportunity for others to take part in the process of creation.

On Wednesday 1st July at 7pm there will be a chance to gather in Chadkirk Chapel and learn more about this year’s design and be part of it’s assembly.

Then later in the month in the days before the festival, you are welcome to join us to complete the process.

On Wednesday 22 July and Thursday 23 Chadkirk Chapel will be open between 10 am and 4pm. Join us for an hour or for a morning or afternoon. Or spend a day or two. Then enjoy seeing the fruits of your labours ceremonially unveiled on Sunday 26th July at the start of Chadkirk Festival 2015.

The design for the well dressing for 2013 was based on the newly installed East window

The design for the well dressing for 2013 was based on the newly installed East window

Chadkirk Well Dressing 2013
The team of craftsmen towards the end of a long day's work. Photo: Artemisia

The team of craftsmen towards the end of a long day’s work.
Photo: Artemisia

Well dressing Chadkirk Festival             Photo: Colin