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Good News for Valentine’s Day

Stockport Council would like to make more of the beautiful chapel and surroundings by using it as a venue for civil wedding ceremonies.

Their events team held a meeting with the Friends of Chadkirk to discuss their plans. We were advised that there might be up to 12 weddings a year. On those days the chapel would be closed to the general public. For the rest of the year it would be business as usual, with members of public able to enjoy the gardens and with Chadkirk Chapel open to visitors at weekends on days when there are no weddings booked.

Weddings are usually planned months in advance so there will be plenty of notice of any closure.

Regular events at Chadkirk, especially the well dressing, will not be affected and will take place as usual.

The Friends of Chadkirk and representatives from the events team were present at the Werneth Area Committee meeting on Monday 29th January and spoke in favour of the proposal.

The Chadkirk wedding brochure can be accessed via this link:


Harvest time

Nights are drawing in and it’s time to celebrate the changing of the seasons.
Down at Chadkirk we do that by opening the Chapel on a Friday evening and inviting folk to come along and join us for food and fun.

The food is our traditional offer of HotPot Supper.
Delicious HotPot and freshly baked Apple Pie.

The fun is provided by your companions and their/yours/our quick wit/surreal statements/daft ideas in responding to some silly questions about random aspects of life. Sit round a table, eat, drink and enjoy. All in a historical building that is part of our heritage from centuries past. Enjoying the here and now.
Food and fun. Community and conviviality. Ancient and modern. Laughter and Apple Pie.

Harvest Supper and Quiz
Friday 20th October
Tickets are £6
starts at 7.30pm. 

Tea and coffee available
and/or bring a bottle (no corkage fee!)

Harvest Supper on Friday 20th October

on Sunday another possibility:
Harvest Festival on Sunday 22nd October
Sing, pray, give thanks.

A note from Howard:

Tickets for the Harvest Supper (price £6) are available from the Tourist Information Centre, 30-31, The Market Place, Stockport,  SK1 1ES, 0161-474 4444.

Tickets for the Carol Services are to be had of Eventbrite

Tickets for the Carol Services are free of charge.
If, though, anyone wishing to attend one of the services would struggle to book on line, our colleagues at the Tourist Information Centre would be happy to assist in person.

What’s happening at Chadkirk this weekend?

Bird and Bat Box Making

Saturday 9th September
1-30 pm until 4pm
Price: £6 per box

All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
Please bring your own hammer.
Other materials provided by members of the team.
It’s a drop in activity, so no booking required.

B+B at Chadkirk 9th September

That’s B+B for bats and birds.
Here’s your chance to build new homes for wildlife. This weekend. On 9th September

Stage 1: Pick up the flatpack

Stage2: The finished product

Friends will be there to help as you build your own box (or boxes).
The design for bat boxes is slightly different from those for birds. Often visitors like to make one for bats and one for birds.

A bird box is completed by a proud young craftsman:

This visitor is keen to add a home for bats and birds, making two boxes during the afternoon, ably assisted by the Senior Warden.

A bat box made by a father and daughter team out in the sunshine by the Chapel:

The bird boxes have small round entrance holes and the most likely occupants will be blue tits. During the winter family groups, perhaps with as many as 20 birds, gather together in the boxes to keep warm. This will help more of them survive the cold. In the spring most of these survivors will find a new place to nest. But if the owners of the new bird boxes are lucky, a pair will breed and bring up their brood in the box.

In comparison, bat boxes are of slightly different design. The bats land on the underside and then walk into the box through a gap. Bats make use of the box at different times of the year. Although any bats looking for a roost in the autumn may use the box now, it is more likely that they will wait until the spring. During the winter bats need more shelter and would look for some where offering more protection from the lowest temperatures – perhaps in a barn or a cave.

For visitors building a brand new bat box, it might be the spring time before bats move in. Then female bats will be looking for a roost to give birth to their young, usually one offspring to each female. All bats are protected species, so once there is evidence that a bat is using the box, it cannot be opened and the bats cannot be disturbed. This may help offset all the roosts that have been lost as people reduce habitats and roosts.

We look forward to hearing about any future inhabitants of the new boxes. Even better, perhaps, photos to share on the blog.

Bird and Bat Box Making on Saturday 9th September 2017

Saturday 9th September
1.30pm until 4pm.
Price: £6 per box.

All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
Please bring your own hammer. Other materials provided by our team.
No need to book, just drop in.

Homes for wildlife

Make something new.
Provide a home for wildlife.
Have fun!

Bats and birds need places to nest and roost.
And you can do a little something to provide them.

Here’s the link to previous posts about this annual event at Chadkirk.
In the Chapel (if weather wet) or outside in the sunshine and fresh air.
People of all ages welcome. Making: by young ‘uns. With assistance from adults and Friends.

Bird and Bat Box making by the Chapel, Chadkirk.
Photo: Artemisia

One of each – bat box and bird box. Each with a different entrance.
Photo: Artemisia

New Bat Box.
Proud owner/maker.
Photo: Artemisia

Saturday 9th September
1.30pm until 4pm.
Price: £6 per box.

All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
Please bring your own hammer. Other materials provided by our team.
No need to book, just drop in.

B+B at Chadkirk

Saturday 9th September : Bird and Bat Box Making

The Bird and Bat Box making, where children can assemble the boxes, is
held in the Chapel (or outside if fine) on Saturday 9th September from
1.30pm until 4pm. The cost is £6. No need to book, just drop in.

All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. All the
necessary materials are provided but please bring a hammer if you have

Our activities are listed in the Stockport
Museums Exhibitions and Events Guide – available at all their Museums
including Chadkirk Chapel and, of course, Staicase House.