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2019 : What’s happening, when …

Gardening Time:
The team will meet by Chadkirk Chapel and in the Walled Garden, on two days each month: on the first Saturday of each month between 2.00pm – 4.00pm
and on the third Thursday in the morning between 10.00 am – 12.00pm

Meetings of Friends of Chadkirk
These take place on the second Thursday of every other month
starting 10th January 2019, 1pm in Chadkirk Chapel.
then 14th March 1pm in Chadkirk Chapel

Tai Chi is held at the Chapel on Mondays (except Bank Holidays and August) 10am to 11am. Cost £3.50p per session. Tea/coffee after session.
Gardening Team Times
Saturday 5th 2-4pm
Thursday 17th 10-12 am

Gardening Team Times
Saturday 2nd February 2-4pm
Thursday 21st February 10-12 am

Afternoon Saturday 2nd March 2-4pm Gardening Team Time

Sunday 3rd March St. Chad’s Day Celebrations at 2pm in Chadkirk Chapel.

Thursday 14th March Annual General Meeting in Chadkirk Chapel starting at 1pm. All welcome.

Thursday 21st March Morning 10-12 am Gardening Team Time



Gardening Team Times
Saturday 6th April 2-4pm
Thursday 18th April 10-12 am

Sunday 21st April
EASTER SUNDAY SERVICE 3pm in Chadkirk Chapel

Monday 22nd April
(Open to children under 10 yrs – charge: 50p)


Saturday 4th May 2-4pm Gardening Team Time

Thursday 9th May Meeting of Friends of Chadkirk in Chadkirk Chapel at 1pm.

Thursday 16th May 10-12am Gardening Team Time


Afternoon Saturday 1st June 2-4pm Gardening Team Time

Our Annual Plant Sale takes place on Saturday 15th June 2.30pm – 4pm
on the lawn just inside the gardens.

Morning Thursday 20th June 10-12 am Gardening Team Time

Task Days 1st & 20th

PLANT SALE on lawn 2.30pm – 4pm 15th


Afternoon Saturday 6th July 2-4pm Gardening Team Time

Thursday 11th July Meeting of the Friends of Chadkirk in Chadkirk Chapel 1pm

Morning Thursday 18th 10-12am Gardening Team Time

Tuesday 23rd July – Friday 26th July 11am – 3pm
WELL DRESSING in the making…come along and join us in Chadkirk Chapel.
11am – 3pm refreshments available.

Saturday 27th July
Blessing of St Chad’s Well at 1pm
Followed by Stockport Silver Band, stalls and refreshments.
Join us in the gardens and Chadkirk Chapel until 4pm.

Sunday 28th July


Morning Saturday 3rd 2-4pm Gardening Team Time
Afternoon Thursday 15th 10-12 am Gardening Team Time


Saturday 7th 2-4pm Gardening Team Time
Thursday 19th 10-12 am Gardening Team Time

Afternoon Saturday 7th September 2-4pm
£6 per box, please bring a hammer if possible.

Thursday 12th September Friends of Chadkirk Meeting in Chadkirk Chapel 1pm.


Afternoon Saturday 5th October 2-4pm Gardening Team Time

7.30pm – 10 pm (approx.)
£6.50p per person – BOOKING ESSENTIAL
To obtain tickets contact Stockport Tourist Information
Office at Staircase House, Tel: 0161 474 4444.


Morning Thursday 17th 10-12 am Gardening Team Time


Saturday 2nd 2-4pm Gardening Team Time
Thursday 21st 10-12am Gardening Team Time

Thursday 14th November Friends of Chadkirk Meeting in Chadkirk Chapel 1pm.


Saturday 7th 2-4pm Gardening Team Time

Sunday 8th December
CAROL SERVICES 2.30pm and 4pm
To book tickets go to the following website :
This website will be available from 1st November 2019

Thursday 19th 10-12 am Gardening Team Time

CAROL SERVICES 2.30pm and 4pm 8th
To book tickets go to the following website :
This website will be available from 1st November 2019
Tai Chi is held at the Chapel on Mondays (except Bank Holidays and August) 10am to 11am. Cost £3.50p per session. Tea/coffee after session.

Back in the year 2000…

I lived and worked in Greater Manchester 20 years ago. During that time, the peace and spiritual essence in Chadkirk estate, together with the company of the garden team, really helped me through difficult times.

I worked hard with Pat and Mary and remember John for his enthusiasm, knowledge of the natural history, birds etc. and his wonderful estate work.

We were a small group: myself, Pat, Mary, Sheila and her husband Peter, and John plus another couple. Pat and I went on an apple tree / orchard course over two weekends and I remember the seeds she and Mary grew.

Awaiting funding for the restoration of the walled garden, we had numerous meetings at Pat’s home during which we studied maps and plans. Renovators of the chapel in previous years had discarded material into the walled garden seemingly using it as a junk heap. So then there were weeks of weeding out bricks, stones and glass from the garden beds which had been constructed by Stockport council, following Pat’s design. Eventually we started the planting. I remember the joy of watching plants growing, and the satisfaction working on maintenance in the garden we had helped to create.

I had five happy years working at Chadkirk and seeing the walled garden transformed for all to enjoy.

Thank you for a most informative and fun blog.

Warm regards

5th August 2017: Let’s garden…

After last weekend’s successful Well Dressing at Chadkirk, the team will be back again this coming Saturday. The first Saturday of every month is a Gardening Day in the gardens at Chadkirk. During the afternoon we meet by the Chapel and in The Walled Garden. Each person does a little bit of the work maintaining and improving the gardens. Sharing the activities means that we each do a little and we all gain a lot.

So if you enjoyed your visit last weekend, or if you visit Chadkirk regularly, you can add to your enjoyment by joining the folk who garden.

Gentle activity, beautiful location, sheltered garden, sharing the delights of being out in the open air, breathing in the scents of the garden. Birds. Bees. Woodland. And a cuppa and chat. Saturday 5th August 2-4pm Chadkirk.

A message from Cape Town…

Having returned to Cape Town in 2005 I have just discovered your blog and am so enjoying maintaining my connection with Chadkirk and learning of improvements.

Changing the chapel window is a project I am delighted to read about and the bridge is a wonderful idea. It was a long walk from Marple, where I previously lived. I was a Friend of Chadkirk and a member of the initial gardening team, restoring the herb and walled garden.

A question: When did the Friends start motivation for and the process of the walled garden restoration? Was it 2000 or later?

My regards to those who may remember me. Keep up the great work.

Lovely to hear from you, Janice. And interesting to read your comments.
There are people from all over the world who visit the blog, and as you say it’s a great way to keep the connections going across the miles and down the years.

I have only been involved with the Friends of Chadkirk since 2012. While we haven’t had a chance to meet, some of the people who were in the team when you were an active member of the Friends of Chadkirk continue to spend time in the gardens at Chadkirk, helping the gardens to thrive.

Now that your message is on the blog, I hope they’ll be able to get in touch. I’m sure that they will want to send their greeting to a fellow Friend!

Pat leads the gardening team. Her enthusiasm and skills are an inspiration. She has been a driving force in the garden and knows the full story of how the transformation of the walled garden was initiated and completed.

I wonder if you have read the earlier post about the history of the garden? I have often thought about writing another post filling in some of the gaps. Perhaps your message will inspire me to do that.
Thank you, Janice!

The Walled Garden… in the beginning

The start of Spring…

March 1st is officially the start of spring.
This weekend is the first spring weekend of 2016.
The first Saturday of the month: March 5th.
It’s time for the good folk on our gardening team to be in the gardens by the chapel. They’ll be doing what needs to be done.Tidying up after the winter and getting ready for new growth.

You can join us for a few minutes or a few hours.
Open air, the gentle beauty of the Walled Garden, available to all.
A shared joke, a shared activity and a deep sense of satisfaction.

Meet by Chadkirk Chapel at 2pm.
A cuppa and a little something delicious to eat at the break.
Tidy up and tools away by 4pm.
Over the year, you’ll see the garden change through the season, starting with the green shoots in spring.

Volunteer weeding one of the beds in the Walled Garden.

Volunteer weeding one of the beds in the Walled Garden.

Gardening time

The first Saturday in any month is gardening time down by the chapel at Chadkirk. Whatever the weather, there’s pruning and weeding, or planting to be done.

On Saturday 6th February it rained all day. Drenching and dyke filling rain.
And, yes, the gardeners turned up and got stuck in. It can still be fun, working outdoors, even in the pouring rain. And there’s always a sense of achievement. Gentle activity, good company and a part played in creating a beautiful garden which gives pleasure to so many. Well worth it.

‘Not surprisingly just a handful of us were daft enough to brave the wet weather. February Fill-Dyke (an old country saying) certainly lived up to its name. Two of us got busy transferring primulas from their hidden place behind the benches to the bed by the oak tree, where they can be seen and enjoyed by all. Meanwhile, another gardener donned his waders to clean out 2 of the ponds to keep the Great Crested Newts happy.’


February 2106 Gardening Team at work

September’s here again…

Yesterday the team of gardening volunteers were at Chadkirk. A delightful few hours, in fine company, beautiful surroundings, fresh air and gentle sunshine.


Pulling out brambles, weeding and pruning, gentle activity and time for a chat and a cuppa (and Pat’s home made biscuits). The first Saturday of every month is always a gardening afternoon at Chadkirk. The time spent is well rewarded, for this time and the gardening morning on the third Thursday of the month, are the times when the volunteers do plenty of good work so that the gardens at Chadkirk flourish.



If you like pottering in the garden and would enjoy time in the gardens at Chadkirk, why not join us? Spend as much time as suits you, minutes or hours, on both or either of the gardening days each month. Our team is a mixed bunch. Some know more about gardening than others. Together we can usually decide if the plant is a weed or not. Just ask. It’s a team effort!


This September one of the most beautiful features in the Walled Garden is the bed of annuals. It’s stunning. In Saturday’s sunshine, the glorious flowers attracted some of our honey bees from the nearby hives.


In the gardens and meadows, woodlands and ponds, there is a rich variety of flora and fauna. The plants provide food for insects and the insects provide food for the birds and the bats. And if it’s birds and bats that you are interested in you may want to build your own bird or bat box. Or maybe both. If so, join us next weekend for our annual bird and bat box making afternoon.

Bird and Bat Box making with expert guidance from John Rowlands
Saturday 12th September 2015
1-30 – 4pm.

There is a small charge for materials.
Please bring your own hammer.
We’ll be outside the chapel when the weather’s fine.