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Bird and Bat Box Making on Saturday 9th September 2017

Saturday 9th September
1.30pm until 4pm.
Price: £6 per box.

All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
Please bring your own hammer. Other materials provided by our team.
No need to book, just drop in.


Well Dressing at Chadkirk – a history in pictures

For those interested in the history of Well Dressing at Chadkirk, this link might be of interest. There you will see photos of St Chad’s Well and the Well Dressings over the years.

Nearly there…

Chadkirk is a popular place for dog walkers. Today a dog walking family from Marple spotted a notice about the well dressing . Their curiosity aroused, they dropped in to the Chapel…and stayed for over an hour, providing invaluable support to our team by helping out with the decorations for the dressing of St Chad’s Well for this weekend’s celebrations.

One of our team, Angie, wanted to say a big thank you to them for pitching in at a time when the team was beginning to feel that they might be burning the midnight oil to get the work finished in time. She sent me a photo of the team at work with a note to say:

This was a lovely family from Marple who dropped by the chapel today because they spotted a notice about the well dressing yesterday while walking their dog. They enjoyed themselves so much that they stayed for over an hour and have put their names down to take part next year. Norah & I were glad of their assistance as we were beginning to wonder if we’d get our panel finished by tomorrow’s deadline. There’s no such problem now!

Team work: A busy time in the Chapel

The photos show the team at work and just a glimpse of the design.
Interestingly, this year Pat has come up with a design based on a beautiful map of Chadkirk. It will be fascinating to see the finished map and design, the living map of Chadkirk.

For those who can visit Chadkirk this weekend, we’d love to receive your comments about the design. If you can’t get along to see St Chad’s Well freshly decorated for our 2017 celebrations, then we’ll post photographs here. So watch this space!

This really is a team effort. Planning has been underway since the Friends group learned that the usual Festival could not go ahead this year. While the people from the Friends of Chadkirk Team have enjoyed spending time and energy and applying their expertise to enable the event to happen, it is also delightful when other folk get involved too.

I am sure that all those who visit Chadkirk this weekend (and throughout the year) would join with me in saying a big thank you for all that they do. Chadkirk is a special place. The WellDressing Celebration is one event of many and part of their unique contribution to the life of our community. Long may they thrive!

If you have visited Chadkirk and have a photo or a comment, please get in touch and we can share comments with other folk who love Chadkirk.

A question received…

Will the well stay dressed for a few days? My daughter really wants to see it but we won’t be able to get there until Saturday evening.

and a question answered:

Hello again Bobby!

Just wanted to let you know that the Chapel is open tomorrow. There will be volunteers putting the final touches to the decorations for St Chad’s Well.

If you have the chance, your daughter might be interested to go along and see how it’s done.

After the unveiling and opening ceremony on Saturday the decorations are left in place for all to enjoy. Being made of flowers and other organic materials, this means that it will continue to look good for a few days. After that it will fade and decay. It may continue to look fine for the following week, but slowly or quickly, depending on the weather, it’s beauty will fade.

Hopefully you will be able to get along to Chadkirk on Saturday and see the Well, all dressed up and in it’s prime. In the meantime, we might be able to put some photos of the work being done, so that you can see how the decorations are built up. If your daughter would like to be involved and be a part of the team that makes the dressing, why not let one of the Friends of Chadkirk know? It’s good to have people young and old, families and friends joining together on this local piece of art. Why not join in when you can?

Well Dressing Celebration

Disappointed that there will be no Chadkirk Festival this year?
Enjoy the last weekend in July differently. Visit Chadkirk on Saturday 29th July for our Well Dressing Celebration. Delightful space, gentle country walks, nature and historic buildings, friendly people and foody treats.

It’s on Saturday 29th July 2017 from 12 noon onwards, presented and organised by the Friends of Chadkirk.

The Well Dressing Blessing is at 1pm.
Stockport Silver Band will be giving performances at 2pm and 3pm.
Light refreshments available.
The ever popular plant stalls will offer healthy plants at bargain prices.
Friends of Chadkirk will offer locally produced items for sale,including cards by local artists. A second hand book stall and a Tombola. Something of interest for all ages.
For one day only The Organic Food Store sets up it’s stall in Chadkirk Chapel.
Other food stalls will be available.

ADMISSION and car parking- FREE

Well dressing in previous years… what will this year’s design be?

2017 Chadkirk Well Dressing Blessing and Celebrations

For many years, many people have reserved the last weekend in July for our annual Chadkirk Festival.Then in 2016, the re-opening of Bramhall Hall meant that the Festival couldn’t happen as in previous years. Instead Friend of Chadkirk organised a smaller event while we all hoped for a return to the full festival.However, this year I understand that funding/staffing issues have meant that Stockport MBC is unable to offer the support to enable the kind of Festival we have come to know and love. Nevertheless the Friends of Chadkirk are an adaptable bunch and they have a different kind of day for your delectation!

Yes, it’s on a smaller scale, though now there’s free admissions as well as free car parking. It will have some of the hallmarks of the bigger festival: music and stalls, refreshments and games, crafts and treats. As usual, it offers an afternoon in a delightful space, milling and chatting with other fine folk in a friendly setting.

Proceeds from the Friends stalls will add to their funds and so help Chadkirk Chapel and Country Park thrive and continue to offer a place for all to enjoy. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 29th July 1-4pm.

It’s on Saturday 29th July 2017 from 12 noon onwards, presented and organised by the Friends of Chadkirk.

The Well Dressing Blessing will take place at 1pm.
Stockport Silver Band will be giving performances at 2pm and 3pm.
Delicious and tasty light refreshments will be available.
The plant stalls will offer healthy plants at bargain prices. As these sell out fast, keen gardeners get there early.
Friends of Chadkirk stalls with items for sale including cards, & 2nd hand books.
There will be a chance to have a go on our Tombola.
Other stalls of local interest will include The Organic Food Store.


A little apology and a big invitation…

Please accept my apologies for recent gaps in the flow of information here.
While personal stuff has meant that I have had a lull in writing this blog, others have continued to put in the hours at Chadkirk.

For the many visitors to the site, I would like to offer a warm welcome and the very best wishes of the Festive Season.

Once we’ve ushered in the New Year, the organised activities begin again at Chadkirk. New members will be very welcome.

If you’ve visited Chadkirk and want to do a little (or a lot!), there’s plenty of different ways to bring some TLC to the woodlands and meadows, the gardens and the paths, as well as caring for Chadkirk Chapel.

By joining the Friends of Chadkirk, you can do just that. Please scroll through the blog to get an idea of the flavour of the possibilities for you and for Chadkirk. You’ll find information about how to join and an idea of the pattern of activities.

And…here’s a date for your new diary: Thursday 5th January 2017
At 7-30 Friends of Chadkirk will gather in the Chapel on the Twelfth Night to take down this seasons decorations and look forward to the coming year.

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas
and All Good Wishes

from me and the rest of the team at Chadkirk.