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March 20th until further notice…

Friends of Chadkirk events planned are suspended.
Normal activities will resume when normal activities resume.

Until then? Cherish each moment. Sing , hum, laugh. Dance alone or together. Walk in open spaces. Notice. Moments of joy.

The month of March : what’s going on at Chadkirk

Our next event is the celebration of St Chad’s Day.
This will take place on Sunday 1st March.

In the Chadkirk Garden:
Our team of volunteers enjoy some fresh air, occasional rays of sunshine, movement and the delights of earth and tending the garden. Often too, cuppa and a chat, many times accompanied by cake.
You are very welcome to join us.
We meet by Chadkirk Chapel.
Every little helps. Maybe join us for minutes and moments or a longer spell.

March gardening days: Saturday 7th and Thursday 19th

Meetings of Friends of Chadkirk
Meetings take place on the second Thursday of every other month.
Time:10-00 hrs
Place: Chadkirk Chapel

March Meeting (AGM) Thursday March 12th 2020 at 10-00 am

Tai Chi
Tai Chi is held at the Chapel on Mondays (except Bank Holidays and August) 10am to 11am. Cost £3.50p per session. Tea/coffee after session.

Sunday 1st March Celebrate St Chad’s Day at Chadkirk

Looking to get out and about now that spring is officially just around the corner?

A stroll around Chadkirk and a visit to the Chapel might be just the thing. Perhaps a short walk, followed by a hot drink and a slice of cake in the shelter of Chadkirk Chapel? Just the right balance of fresh air and convivial comforts.

We are hosting our annual St Chad’s Day event on Sunday 1st March 2020.

There’s a presentation DVD on the life of St Chad.

The presentation starts at 2pm. Tray bakes for sale. Drinks from the kiosk.

From the car park, it’s a short walk to the Walled Garden and Chadkirk Chapel. All welcome. Join us for a visit. Chadkirk and St Chad. It’s all part of what makes this a special place to treasure.

A question answered…

Will there be anything happening at Chadkirk on St Chad’s Day, Monday 2 March? I am planning a walk for my Monday walking group past Chadkirk on that day. I remember that in 2015, the previous time St Chad’s Day fell on a Monday, we happened to walk past Chadkirk and were delighted to find coffee and cakes being served.

Good to hear from you Leslie.Thanks for your question.
We celebrate St Chad’s Day on the nearest Sunday to St Chad’s official day. So this year we will be in Chadkirk Chapel on Sunday March 1st 2020.

If your group are walking on Sunday 1st some of our Friends will be delighted to meet you and offer you a warm welcome and refreshments.

There’s plenty of short circuits around Chadkirk, so it’s also pleasant to just have a little wander towards Chadkirk Chapel and step inside for a cuppa, a cake and a chat. There’s plenty of interest in the history and art works too. And things are starting to wake up in the Walled Garden too. Join us when you can.

Diary dates for 2020


Task Days Monthly – 1st Saturday 2.00pm – 4.00pm
3rd Thursday 10.00 am – 12.00pm

Meetings 2nd Thursday of every other month starting 9th January 2020, 10am in Chapel.
Task Days 4thth & 16th
Task Days 1st & 20th
Meeting (AGM) 12th


Task Days 7th & 19th


(Open to children under 10 yrs – charge: 50p)

Task Days 4th & 16th


Task Days 2nd & 21st

Meeting 14th

Task Days 6th & 18th

PLANT SALE on lawn 2.30pm – 4pm 13th


Task Days 4th & 16th

Meeting 9th

WELL DRESSING in the making 21st – 24th
11am – 3pm refreshments available

& then into the gardens until 4pm for Stockport
Silver Band, stalls & refreshments.

Task Days 1st & 20th

Task Days 5th & 17th

BIRD & BAT BOX MAKING 2pm – 4pm 5th
£6 per box, please bring a hammer if

Meeting 10th


Task Days 3rd & 15th

7.30pm – 10 pm (approx.)
£6.50p per person – BOOKING ESSENTIAL
To obtain tickets contact Stockport Tourist Information
Office at Staircase House, Tel: 0161 474 4444.
Please check times of opening at Staircase House



Task Days 7th & 19th

Meeting 12th


Task Days 5th & 17th

CAROL SERVICES 2.30pm and 4pm 6th
Information on how to book tickets will be advertised at the Chapel later in the year.
Tai Chi is held at the Chapel on Mondays (except Bank Holidays and August) 10am to 11am. Cost £3.50p per session. Tea/coffee after session.

Tai Chi is held at the Chapel on Mondays (except Bank Holidays and August) 10am to 11am. Cost £3.50p per session. Tea/coffee after session.

Tai Chi is held at the Chapel on Mondays (except Bank Holidays and August) 10am to 11am. Cost £3.50p per session. Tea/coffee after session.

St Chad’s Day Celebration on 1st March 2020

Watch this…

Chadkirk Chapel 2020

2020 monthly meetings

The time of future bi-monthly meetings.
In future Friends of Chadkirk bi-monthly meetings will be held at 10am on the 2nd Thursday of the month at the Chapel, commencing 9th January 2020.

Continuing consultation

During Thursday’s meeting of the Friends of Chadkirk we continued to work to find a way forward. In this we were helped by the attendance at the meeting of a number of representatives from SMBC. Present at the meeting were four people from SMBC ( including two from Events, one from Museums and one from the Neighbourhood team).

At the meeting:

*the background and reasons for retaining council presence at Chadkirk were discussed.

*It was agreed that The Chair of the Friends of Chadkirk is to send a response on behalf of the group summarising the main concerns.

We thanked the 4 representatives for their input and attendance.
As a Friends group we appreciated the professionalism they showed in the way they approached the meeting.

Before our meeting a response from SMBC to “the questions” was received.
However it made clear that most of the questions raised could not be answered
until after all the consultation responses had been received and processed.
After that a view would be taken by decision makers at SMBC as to what the appropriate course of action might be.

It seems that due to the General Election “purdah” requirements, no decision from the consultation can be taken until after the 13th December.

Perhaps this means that we can continue to make our case until then?
Certainly those at recent meetings and members of Friends of Chadkirk will continue to do that. And perhaps you will too?

What’s happening now…

Thanks to everyone who has been involved this week. Many people have been taking steps to influence the future of Chadkirk and it’s unique Chapel.

Thanks to the many people who have been in touch with local councillors and decision makers. Lots of people have signed one of the petitions and responded to the proposals via the consultation process on-line. Some have sent emails direct to decision makers.

Early in the week, a member of our community filmed some of the activities at Chadkirk and has put together this video:

On Wednesday representatives from the Friends of Chadkirk met with our local MP at Chadkirk Chapel.

On Thursday there was a meeting of Friends in Chadkirk Chapel.

Thank you to everyone for their time, energy and enthusiasm.
Each step makes a difference. Thank you.

Thank you to everyone for their time, energy and enthusiasm.
Each step makes a difference. Thank you.