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Chadkirk Chapel 2020

2020 monthly meetings

The time of future bi-monthly meetings.
In future Friends of Chadkirk bi-monthly meetings will be held at 10am on the 2nd Thursday of the month at the Chapel, commencing 9th January 2020.

Continuing consultation

During Thursday’s meeting of the Friends of Chadkirk we continued to work to find a way forward. In this we were helped by the attendance at the meeting of a number of representatives from SMBC. Present at the meeting were four people from SMBC ( including two from Events, one from Museums and one from the Neighbourhood team).

At the meeting:

*the background and reasons for retaining council presence at Chadkirk were discussed.

*It was agreed that The Chair of the Friends of Chadkirk is to send a response on behalf of the group summarising the main concerns.

We thanked the 4 representatives for their input and attendance.
As a Friends group we appreciated the professionalism they showed in the way they approached the meeting.

Before our meeting a response from SMBC to “the questions” was received.
However it made clear that most of the questions raised could not be answered
until after all the consultation responses had been received and processed.
After that a view would be taken by decision makers at SMBC as to what the appropriate course of action might be.

It seems that due to the General Election “purdah” requirements, no decision from the consultation can be taken until after the 13th December.

Perhaps this means that we can continue to make our case until then?
Certainly those at recent meetings and members of Friends of Chadkirk will continue to do that. And perhaps you will too?

What’s happening now…

Thanks to everyone who has been involved this week. Many people have been taking steps to influence the future of Chadkirk and it’s unique Chapel.

Thanks to the many people who have been in touch with local councillors and decision makers. Lots of people have signed one of the petitions and responded to the proposals via the consultation process on-line. Some have sent emails direct to decision makers.

Early in the week, a member of our community filmed some of the activities at Chadkirk and has put together this video:

On Wednesday representatives from the Friends of Chadkirk met with our local MP at Chadkirk Chapel.

On Thursday there was a meeting of Friends in Chadkirk Chapel.

Thank you to everyone for their time, energy and enthusiasm.
Each step makes a difference. Thank you.

Thank you to everyone for their time, energy and enthusiasm.
Each step makes a difference. Thank you.

Funding the future…what if?

One participant spoke of her disappointment when she learned that her daughter’s wedding had been held in Chadkirk Chapel, and yet not a penny of fee paid had come to the Friends of Chadkirk or to Chadkirk directly. How much pleasure would it have given to know that the wedding was taking place at Chadkirk and that they were contributing to the support of a treasured part of the local landscape and community and the continued nurturing of this historic site. It seems like an opportunity missed.

So here’s a thought:
What if a % of the wedding fees paid were in future dedicated to go directly and explicitly to the Friends of Chadkirk/Chadkirk Chapel. After all, without the work they do, the money they raise, the garden they maintain, the beautiful west window they commissioned , would people chose to have a wedding at Chadkirk?

Maybe with 1% of the fees they would be able to set up the service, so that the kiosk continues to open at weekends? Perhaps this money could help fund our on-going programme of improvements?
Just a thought…

There’ll be better ideas, other thoughts and possibilities, alternatives that enable thriving rather than shrinkage. What are yours?

Contact …going forward

We are looking at ways to improve the flow of information. Recent signings/new Friends will perhaps have ideas and resources which will lead to better.

In the meantime, apart from attending meetings,

you can find information out via the blog.

The easiest way to do this is to click Follow and then you will automatically receive each new post as an email.

There is also an opportunity to comment.

Comments come to me. They are not made public until I have read the comment.
I will usually respond to comments personally. If I can’t answer questions, I do my best to find someone who can. Obviously I am a volunteer. Please be gentle. I am doing what I can when I can.

In the future there might be a better system…this is what works for now.
Join us. Every little helps.