Monthly Archives: December 2016

A little apology and a big invitation…

Please accept my apologies for recent gaps in the flow of information here.
While personal stuff has meant that I have had a lull in writing this blog, others have continued to put in the hours at Chadkirk.

For the many visitors to the site, I would like to offer a warm welcome and the very best wishes of the Festive Season.

Once we’ve ushered in the New Year, the organised activities begin again at Chadkirk. New members will be very welcome.

If you’ve visited Chadkirk and want to do a little (or a lot!), there’s plenty of different ways to bring some TLC to the woodlands and meadows, the gardens and the paths, as well as caring for Chadkirk Chapel.

By joining the Friends of Chadkirk, you can do just that. Please scroll through the blog to get an idea of the flavour of the possibilities for you and for Chadkirk. You’ll find information about how to join and an idea of the pattern of activities.

And…here’s a date for your new diary: Thursday 5th January 2017
At 7-30 Friends of Chadkirk will gather in the Chapel on the Twelfth Night to take down this seasons decorations and look forward to the coming year.

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas
and All Good Wishes

from me and the rest of the team at Chadkirk.